#10 Reasons Why Schools Should Encourage Entrepreneurship

Our education system is responsible for empowering young people to build successful lives. They need to be ready for the possibilities that will arise in the future and hence, have a deep knowledge of their chosen discipline. They need to possess problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, leadership qualities and an ability to adapt to the ever-evolving environment.

Needless to say, these skills are the cornerstones of entrepreneurship, learning which can prepare students to identify and address challenges & leverage opportunities. Hence, alongside traditional subjects like science, language and social sciences, which provide a foundational knowledge, it’s essential that students are also taught to be entrepreneurial

Raising Kids to be Entrepreneurs

Encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset among children makes them highly adaptable to change, open to new & diverse ideas, and willing to take risks. Here are some reasons why entrepreneurial skills need to be nurtured in kids early on at the school-level:

  1. Prepares for an Uncertain Future

Entrepreneurship education will make children hardworking and industrious. They will learn how to approach a problem innovatively, resolve real-world problems, collaborating and working in a team, and taking failures in their stride. In this dynamic market, new technologies are gaining ground every day and the current generation will need to be ready for an unpredictable and uncertain world. By learning about entrepreneurship, children will always have a door open to venture into, if other plans fail.

2. Makes them Better Adults

Entrepreneurial skills will inculcate such skills in children that will go on to make them better adults. They will learn self-discipline, socialising with others effectively, making sound decisions, controlling their impulses, develop emotional intelligence, and take on challenges in life confidently.

3. Enhances Creativity

By nurturing creativity, collaboration and innovation, entrepreneurship education moulds children into capable individuals who easily take on the real world. They do not feel intimidated by challenges and take a unique approach to solving problems. Hence, along with the degrees, students will have the exposure to begin their journey in the professional world with a robust foundation

4. Inculcates Leadership Quality

When developing an entrepreneurial mindset at a younger age, children tend to incorporate new skills that lead them to think like a leader. Such leadership skills compel them to create their own identity and carve out a place for themselves in the competitive world.  Entrepreneurship will empower them to stand apart from the crowd.

5. Teaches Them to Earn Money

Encouraging students to learn entrepreneurship will teach them the difference between wanting money and wanting to make money. Making money will teach them the value of money and they will think twice before splurging what they have earned compared to the money given to them.

6. Broadens Horizons  

Learning entrepreneurship broadens horizons and exposes kids at a young age to different business sectors and job profiles for them to make better life and career choices. Entrepreneurship can provide secure and long-lasting employment to children. This kind of education teaches children to think out-of-the-box, nurturing their unconventional and extraordinary talents and skills.

7. Increases Student Engagement

Entrepreneurship empowers students to identify their passions and work on developing those into a full-time career. They engage in market analysis and customer discovery, work on developing a prototype and brainstorm until there is a market-aligned product fit. This way when students form an emotional bond with their curriculum, their engagement tends to increase immensely. 

8. Networking and Social Circle

Entrepreneurship education opens up networking avenues and opportunities for students from an early age. Through social networks that they create in the learning process, students gain access to the relevant information, real-time entrepreneurs, industry experts and mentors. They also establish connections and achieve the esteem and support of peers.

9. Improves Community Life

Entrepreneurs form the backbone of our society. They drive innovation and scale job creation & national economic development. Entrepreneurship education has an inherent ability to transform our community into a lucrative place to live, work and thrive.

10. Teaches Free Thinking & Multitasking

When children understand & apply the principles of entrepreneurship, they realize the measurable outcomes of their efforts themselves, without their parents having to explain anything to them. Also, when involved in small activities, children perform many tasks alone. This teaches them the art of multitasking as well.

Summing Up

Entrepreneurship prepares young people to seize the opportunities around them. The skills they gain will hold them in good stead their entire lives. Most importantly, entrepreneurship education enables children to look at the world as being opportunity-rich and to craft the kind of lives they envision to live.

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