11-Year-Old Casts Her Poetic Spell On Readers

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Zahra was nine-years-old when she wrote her first poem. She is 11-years-old now and she already published her first book, successfully. And that’s not the only thing that makes this book special – An Anthology From A Poet’s Desk is a collection of poems written by mother-daughter duo, Zahra Anwar and Alifya Basrai.

“A year after I started my journey as a poet, my mother started writing poems as well. We have decided to publish our poems together once we had enough content to go ahead,” says Zahra Anwar who resorts to literature for comfort.

It all started with Zahra’s love for the subject math (yes, math). “Zahra was intrigued by the subject math, thanks to her teacher. She converted the intrigue into words and started writing a poem,” shares Zahra’s mother and co-author of the book.

Since its release, the book has been receiving an amazing response from readers and critiques alike.

“Received my copy. Read a couple of poems and their reason from Alifya and a couple from Zahra as well. Well written and rationale well articulated. Zahra’s are particularly well rhymed and thoughtful for one so young. Proud to have known this duo and call them friend, (sic)” says Avikash Singh, one of Zahra’s well-wishers.

Another reader, Ashish Nandal says, “ Been reading this beautiful book written by a friend and her daughter… in these times of introspection, it gives you lovely insights into various aspects of life! I quote from one of the poems: ‘People kept saying move on buddy, life has a lot in store; as it’s never the end of life till you fulfill what you aimed for!’” (Sic)

Apart from literature and math, Zahra has an acute interest in entrepreneurship as well. “I have always been wanting to know how businesses work. The numbers, the strategies, and all the paraphernalia of entrepreneurship excites me,” says Zahra who is one the youngest students of Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship.

While Zahra remains to be the prodigy, her mother Alifya Basrai, who is an ex-banker, author, poet, and entrepreneur, deserves all the same accolades and much more for not only being a co-writer of a book but also for encouraging, empowering her daughter to realize her dreams.

We are proud to have Zahra as a member of our Metamorphosis family and to know Alifya Basrai as well.

Encourage this young, talented poet by reading her debut book which is available on Flipkart: https://www.flipkart.com/anthology-poets-desk-mother-daughters-treasure-poems/p/itmc8a7c67b09ad8?pid=9789390011162

Let me end this article with an enlightening quote that we need to have it ingrained in our minds –

“Don’t believe in age; believe in energy. Do not let the age dictate what you can or cannot do”.

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