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Alzheimer’s is a frightening disease, more so for the loved ones of the patient. It is heartbreaking to see somebody, struggle to keep track of simple day-to-day activities like brushing teeth or having a meal, who was once at the top game of their life. Apoyo is an application launched by a 17-year-old entrepreneur, Maanav Khaitan. Maanav just graduated from Grade XII from Oakridge International School, Hyderabad, and is now on his way to pursue his bachelor’s degree in the prestigious U C Berkeley.
Maanav has always been somebody who is keen to start something on his own and a total technology enthusiast. It is the combination of both these interests that led to the success of Apoyo. The idea struck him when he saw his friend (who is also the co-founder of Apoyo) found it challenging to take care of his grandmother who is an Alzheimer’s patient. At this point, Maanav has already tasted the failure with his first venture but that did not deter him from starting something new, to solve another problem.
His experience as an entrepreneur taught him three mantras to swear by which he loves to share with his fellow entrepreneurs:

  1. Be open-minded at all times.
  2. Be prepared to face failure(s).
  3. Find yourself a mentor and make as many connections as possible.

Those are some unbelievable insights coming from a 17-year-old. In a conversation with the Metamorphosis CEO, Pavan Allena, Maanav has shared his experience, the lesson he learned, advised the aspiring entrepreneurs, and humbly basked in the success as a rising entrepreneur.
It is students like Maanav that give us the confidence and the rigor to advocate the introduction of entrepreneurship at the school level more than ever.
Metamorphosis is proud of all the Maanavs out there and is here to support their ideas in every way possible.
Check out the full conversation with Maanav here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvVr1y6EzQc

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