Artsy Strokes In The World Of Entrepreneurship

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Metamorphosis has taken it on itself to not only entrepreneurially empower students but also to help them discover their hidden passions. And there is no looking back for the young minds who discover and practice their talents.

Roshini Tanneru and Niyathi Verma are two of our many talented students and now, entrepreneurs who have shined bright by walking the path of success very early in their lives. “We came up with the idea of Phoenix Brush – which is a self-cleaning painting brush during one of the Metamorphosis sessions in sixth grade. Soon, we scaled up our business model and now Phoenix Brush serves as an e-commerce platform for all the artists and art enthusiasts who want to sell and buy art. We have all forms of art available on our site. We want to make it a one-stop destination for art,” explains Niyathi, Grade VIII student, Meridian School and co-founder of Phoenix Brush.

Since its inception, Phoenix Brush has come a long way. From the idea of self-cleaning painting brush, developing an e-commerce platform, being the finalists of Global Schoolpreneur Summit, Phoenix Brush has now leaped to the standard of organizing international art competitions, online. The first competition that they have held recently has witnessed 28 participants from across the globe including the artists from Saudi and Australia. “It was Niyathi’s idea to conduct this online competition. She just called me one day sharing the idea and we immediately put this thought into action,” says Roshini, Grade IX student, Meridian School and co-founder of Phoenix Brush. These young entrepreneurs are planning to start off with the second season of the competition at a larger scale. This time the competition will be theme-based and the artists will be awarded accordingly.

Check out their website: for more information. For the future, the girls have planned something huge for Phoenix Brush, “We would like to launch a digital platform called ABCD – Anybody Can Draw, by onboarding artists across the globe and give them the title of teachers and an opportunity for all the budding artists to learn from the experts,” shares Niyathi.

Metamorphosis is extremely proud of these young girls who have proved to themselves and to the rest of the world that the age is just a number and entrepreneurial knowledge is need of the hour to build a path of success.
This article is a shout out of encouragement to all our student entrepreneurs associated with Metamorphosis who work with passion to take make ideas happen.

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