Case Study Based Learning – A Way for Imparting Entrepreneurial Education

There is a lot of buzz on social media and among students, of how our system of rote learning is primitive. Educationist and policy makers are trying their best to come with newer ways of imparting knowledge.

In recent years a lot of start-ups have disrupted the conventional learning methods with newer and interactive learning solutions online. This further accelerated during the COVID -19 lockdown as more and more students had to attend online classes. It changed the way of how assessment was being done in schools and colleges. Many industry practitioners heavily invested in upskilling themselves using digital medium.

The premium graduate schools in our country use case-based teaching for better understanding of concepts, with case-based teaching, students develop skills in analytical thinking and reflective judgment by reading and discussing complex, real-life scenarios. During my MBA program I got the opportunity to learn in this way. When I as a student evaluate it over the conventional teaching methodology, I like many other agree that this is a far superior approach.

A question may arise in the mind of the readers that how is case based learning a better approach for learning entrepreneurship?

Well, we all agree that entrepreneurship in 21st century is more about problem solving and disrupting the conventional solutions with a better and more noble solution. Successful entrepreneurs across the world have agreed that an idea no matter how good it sounds, must be continuously challenged and moulded by rigorous brainstorming with peers, customers and investors.

Metamorphosis as a platform for learning has well understood the importance of case-based teaching to impart entrepreneurial knowledge. The positive outcomes of this approach can be interpreted from the success of the Metapreneurs, whom Metamorphosis has nurtured. Through its entrepreneurship program emphasis on building a conducive environment for young students. The unique pedagogy of Metamorphosis is paving the way for our Nation builders to enhance and grow their knowledge, thinking abilities, problem solving skills and most of all their character.

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