Creating Skills Of Tomorrow By Disrupting Today’s Education System

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The Indian education system needs a major overhaul. We need our future generations to be ready to face the challenges that come with innovation and automation.

Conversing on the topic “The only way to create skills of the future is to disrupt the education of today”, the educationists – Ms. Kauser Sayeed, Founder, Learn2Lead; Mr. Subramanyam Kantheti, COO & & co-founder, The Premia Academy, Ms. Pratima Sinha, CEO, DSR Educational Society, Hyderabad; Dr. A. Balachandran, Sr. General Manager, VIT – Technology Business Incubator.

– give their valuable insights as part of Dialogue with Educationists.

Here are the highlights of the conversations and the points that stood out:

Disruption is a continuous process – Mr. Subramanyam Kantheti

“Disruption is not new to us educationists. Though many believe that we are stuck in our own systems, we have come a long way. Our education system did evolve but there is still a lot to be done. This cycle of evolution should not stop. That is something we all should remember. We need to keep improvising the education system for the benefit of the students.” said Mr. Subramanyam Kantheti.

The surge of technological empowerment – Dr. A. Balachandran

“This pandemic has taught all of us a lot of things. One of the major disruptions that this pandemic brought to the education system is the inclusion of technology. Many of us (all the stakeholders of education system) have experienced a seamless transition into online education because we adopted the technology. I think this our learning for the future which will be dominated by technology,” said Dr. A. Balachandran.

We have to create new SOPs – Ms. Pratima Sinha

“We had to create new SOPs immediately for the functioning of the new online classes. And we (educationists) were quick in doing that. In a way, we are already prepared for disaster management. This pandemic has brought the focus back to the importance of collaboration and disruption of the systems with changing times. We have to take these lessons forward even after this pandemic situation settles down,” said Ms. Pratima Sinha.

Disruption is a powerful word – Ms. Kauser Saayeed

“Disruption is a very powerful word. In a way, very difficult to triumph, especially when it comes to the Indian Education system. We are bound by our curriculum and systems so much that if given a choice we would take a step back from disrupting the system. However, this pandemic does leave its positive impact by forcing us to evolve from our traditional methods.” said Ms. Kauseer Saayeed.

These some enlightening bit of information from an hour-long stimulating conversation.

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