Do deadlines destroy creativity?

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Creativity and flexibility often go hand in hand to generate innovation. But when we are bound by the time and get worried about deliverables, the whole idea of creativity can never be any mean feat. Today, deadlines are one of the most important elements of the corporate world and are of utmost importance. While it is true that not all jobs demand creativity, many jobs embrace some degree of creativity built into them. It is all about the way we balance time management to cater to all deadline-driven projects without destroying creativity in the process.

Throwing light to such a great topic, the Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship that imparts entrepreneurial skills to students through entrepreneurship courses came up with an exciting webisode session that falls under the umbrella of their iconic webisode series. The most exciting session featured leading industry stalwarts like Sri Charan Lakkaraju, Founder and CEO, Stumagz, Mr Anwar Shirpurwala, CEO, Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports, Dr A Kiranmayi, Chief Clinical Dietician, Apollo Cradle, and Mr Vansh Bura, Student Entrepreneur, Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship. The session discussed the perfect mixture of balance between creativity and strict deadlines.

Deadline Vs Creativity

Every one of us is creative in some ways. The creative skills differ from person to person. There are both sides where creativity leads to lethargy and deadlines help to enhance creativity. One of the biggest failures of Entrepreneurs is not doing things on time. Despite bubbling with great ideas, many entrepreneurs have failed to implement those creative ideas on time. Consequently, other contenders succeeded by implementing ideas at the right time. So, the truth is that the present scenario demands us to be both creative enough to produce stellar deliverables and be adequately creative to manage the deadlines.

Prioritizing is the Key

Student entrepreneurs in the Metamorphosis Edu have been prioritizing time management for a very long time now. They effectively learnt to manage their study time and invest time on other co-curricular activities without procrastinating. They believe that if a deadline is not impossible to meet, it never destroys their creative skills. By strategizing and prioritizing all the most important tasks first, student entrepreneurs can ensure the best outcomes.

Does Food Play a Role?

Dieticians believe that food and nutrition also play a vital role in boosting creativity. When we consume healthy & tasty food, it blesses us with an undefeatable mindset and enhances our creative skills. Unprocessed foods like brown rice, oats, fruits, eggs, dry fruit laddoos, whole grain bread etc., contain high levels of nutrients. These foods significantly increase our energy levels, mental sharpness, enhance brain performance, and boost our creative skills.

Deadlines are Unavoidable

Parents always feel that their children face constant pressure to finish every project on time, doubled by the expectations to perform exceedingly well. The outcome of the process of putting great effort brings out excellent results. It is noteworthy that procrastination occurs when there isn’t any deadline. Besides incorporating healthy habits into daily lives, discipline, systematicity, and time management must be the primary principles of student entrepreneurs. Experts from the Webisode session believe that when people are under pressure of flexible deadlines, they can produce stellar results. For instance, Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship has consistently imposed extremely flexible deadlines to the student entrepreneurs. It helps them to strikingly balance their creativity and deadline.

Summing Up

The exciting session ended by highlighting that the process of proper planning and execution by student entrepreneurs helps them meet strict deadlines. The experts stated that student entrepreneurs always showcase their creative skills and finish a deliverable by maintaining a deadline on subjects/projects they like and prefer the most. So, they advise the young student entrepreneurs to begin working on subjects that they don’t like much like Mathematics to generate the same positive results.

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