Does The Modern Generation Of Students Need Subject Matter Experts As Teachers?

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Today’s education system needs more subject matter experts to be teaching and guiding our children if we want them to achieve success in this competitive world. The practical knowledge possessed by the subject matter experts goes a long way in giving our children a quality education.

So, why do we need subject matter experts at schools? We will give you five why’s!

One step ahead

It is truly a challenge to keep up with the changing times. Be it the technological advancements or the scientific and subject-specific advancements. A lot is being changed in a very short time period of time. It is not really a surprise for the students to know a thing or two more than the teachers themselves. It is this scenario that calls for the teachers to become subject matter experts or the subject matter experts to become teachers to cater to the “gen z”.

Benefits every single student

Subject Matter Experts come with substantial experience. It is this experience that allows them to use different approaches for different students to make them understand a particular subject. There is no one perfect way of teaching diverse students. SMEs’ expertise will come handy in providing students different approaches to master the subject.

Passing on the wisdom of experience

One of the main advantages for the students to learn from subject matter experts is that they deliver the lectures based on experience. It is crucial to know what NOT to do, more than what to do. By guiding the students to avoid taking certain decisions, subject matter experts spare students from the agony of going through predictable failures.

Pointing out the opportunity

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. That’s true. The students must be exposed to the right opportunities at the right time. Having a subject matter expert as a teacher not only helps students in understanding the subject better but also helps in the implementation of the concepts. Pointing out the opportunities that expose them to the practical world gives students an edge in this competitive world.

Real picture

Are we training our students to meet the industry standards? That’s the question we all must ask ourselves as teachers, educationists, parents, and mentors. The subject matter experts make sure that the students are fed with relevant knowledge that is expected out of them. There is no point in carrying obsolete concepts into a rather advanced world. So, the subject matter expert will help our students/children look at the real picture and work accordingly.

Now, what do you think? Does the modern generation of students need Subject Matter Experts as teachers?

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