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Coronavirus grips the world in terror and just like that, what seemed to be “fast-paced lives” have been forced to pause and retrospect. Especially the education institutions, have resorted to technology as an attempt to make up for the unforeseen circumstances. For many institutions, this transition into digital learning has been challenging and it has been effortless for others. And Metamorphosis belongs to the former criteria, being an institution that has always been ahead of the times was gearing up to give a digital advantage to the next generation of entrepreneurs. So, here we present the Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship.
Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship stands as the world’s biggest digital learning platform for all the students at the school level who aspire to become competent entrepreneurs. With industrial experts and real-time entrepreneurs onboard as mentors and tutors, the students are bound to get practical insights apart from the subject knowledge. Now, how does the Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship stand out apart from offering a 2-year entrepreneurship certification course? Read on:

Proctor Assistance
Every student of Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship will be assigned a personal proctor who will guide the student throughout the course by reminding him/her of the upcoming project deadlines, keep the student productive, on his/her A-game, provide motivation… anything and everything which ensures the quality performance of the student.

Case-study based learning
The curriculum followed for the Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship is completely complemented by the case-study based learning. Every concept is taught and related to the real-time case study for the best understanding of the student. So, the student not only understands the theory but also knows how it could be implemented in the real-time world.

Internship opportunities
The students will be given internship opportunities in some of the leading companies so that they get a chance to experience how things work in the real entrepreneurial world in the very early stages of their careers. This experience is what gives them an extra edge in the future.

On the go learning

Last but not the least, Metamorphosis believes learning could be done beyond the four walls of the classroom. So, we give students the liberty to choose their venue to learn on both our mobile applications and website. Learning is literally a click away for the students of Metamorphosis.
Before we end it, here is the course curriculum offered at Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship:

It’s time to walk the path of success in whichever career you choose and Metamorphosis is here to realize your dreams.

For more info: Visit the website: As always, keep ideating!

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