Emerging World of Entrepreneurship: Unicorns and Billion Dollar Start-ups

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The era of Entrepreneurship that emerged when the capitalist countries began to industrialise and then evolved with the advent of the digital age, has now come to an age when tech led businesses and e-commerce companies are the leading forms of entrepreneurship. Many established brands like Amazon, Zomato, Flipkart etc. represent the latest wave of entrepreneurial start-ups across the world, attracting Billion Dollar funding.

We would not be exaggerating if we say that the founders of these successful start-ups have literally shaken the existing market models and disrupted the way business is done. In fact, the ground is shifting! Women entrepreneurs are also making a significant presence in the world of business, making it not an obscure concept any longer. These successful as well as budding entrepreneurs, both men and women, are surprising us with their innovative ideas, strategic planning, breakthrough models and various achievements.

Unprecedented Innovations on the Horizon

The social media, newspapers, magazines and various other news portals are full of stories and coverage about these new age start-ups and their founders. The young minds are driving business innovation at a speed and of a concept never seen before. Emerging from nowhere, they are attracting billion dollars funding from deep pocketed venture capitalists and angel investors.

Tech led start-ups, evolving at an unprecedented pace, have metamorphosed into a trendy phenomenon. An increasing number of new-age start-ups are exploring growth opportunities in different sectors such as healthtech, ed-tech, IT & software, fashion, e-commerce etc. and a significant number of these entrepreneurs are young minds.

However, as we see these new age and new generation entrepreneurs rising at an unprecedented pace, there is a need to have more realistic assessments and evaluations from them so that it doesn’t land us into unwanted circumstances. This is important because while some genuinely disruptive start-ups are rewriting the rules of entrepreneurship, there are some who are simply walking on air. After all, we all know that only organisations with sound fundamentals win the game.

The Emerging Entrepreneurship Courses

We are witnessing a transformational phase where the definition of learning is changing and public authorities, academic institutions, and entrepreneurs are jointly working to keep pace. On its part, the education system is bringing key innovations to teach entrepreneurial skills to millennials. What is driving the system to innovate education is the way today’s students are educated as it has a massive impact on our economy and society. Being more focused on developing reasoning, innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, these courses are personalized, accessible and cheap.

Further, while you need nerve and patience to launch and run a new business, you also need to focus on nurturing some critical skills that are integral to your future success in very important ways. These include critical thinking skills, resilience, interpersonal skills, curiosity, networking etc.

Summing Up!

Success in a business doesn’t come overnight. One needs to have a long-term vision and build the strategy in baby steps until it becomes a success. Also, one needs to be aware of the potential pitfalls and ready to fail.

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