Empowering the Young Minds of Mahabubnagar through Entrepreneurial Skill Set.

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As Nelson Mandela rightly said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” But we cannot bring about a change by remaining who we are, the skills that we have. Change is necessary and so is to keep on learning. Today, what we learn in school or college solely is not enough to survive the competition ahead and the rise of automation. Students need to be equipped with skills that make them Job Creators and not just Job Seekers, which in return will not just lead to the holistic development of the student but will also help our nation grow in the bigger picture

On 1st September 2018, Metamorphosis celebrated the launch of its first of a kind Entrepreneurship Programme for 5000 students of Mahabubnagar in the presence of Shri A. P. Jithender Reddy, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Mahabubnagar, and D. Ronald Rose, IAS, Collector and District Magistrate, Mahabubnagar. Also present were various dignitaries from the Palamuru University, MVS Govt. Degree College, and NTR Government Degree College along with a 1000 college students.

The Metamorphosis Entrepreneurship Program in collaboration with the Telangana Government will take the 5000 students of Mahabubnagar on an empowering journey that will transform each one of them into an individual that has the ability to think independently, to innovate, to create, to lead, and to make a difference. Metamorphosis is thrilled to have been chosen for this great opportunity to impact the students of Mahabubnagar and empower the future leaders of a brighter India.

The Inaugural ceremony was kickstarted by our Business Development Head, Mr. Shrey Arora, who welcomed our chief guests and explained how Metamorphosis’ initiative would help change India’s outlook to the rest of the world. Today, we do not have too many Indian million-dollar companies. Why is that? Don’t we have the brains? Don’t we have the necessary language skills? Of course, not. It is the mindset of the people that needs to change. Risk-taking is not something to shy away from. It shows sheer confidence in one’s ideas. Think big, tackle the problems, and be pragmatic. Once an idea clicks, one should believe they are invincible. The skills that we nurture today is an investment for a better tomorrow. Mr. Shrey also emphasised on the point that the young minds are the ones who would define our nation’s future and it’s necessary to guide them and tap their potential in the right direction, because empowering them means empowering the nation. Metamorphosis aims to instil confidence in students to think creatively and ideate, deliver life skills, improve vocational abilities, all at this defining period of their lives.
The programme was then commenced by lighting of the lamp and a short welcome speech by Prof. I Panduranga Reddy, Registrar, Palamuru University.

Mr. Pavan Allena, Founder and CEO of Metamorphosis also addressed the crowd. He spoke about the importance of gaining life skills to function efficiently in the future, as robots are going to take over the world, and unemployment is going to become rampant. He asked the crowd, “How are you different from a robot? This is what we want to impart to you in the Entrepreneurship programme.”
After Pavan, Dr. Bibi Zainab, Principal of NTR College for Girls graced the stage and spoke about dynamic education system- the need of the hour. She said, “With the developing technology, kids need to be more aware and well-equipped with skills that can take them forward in their career.”
Her address was followed by Dr. Vijay Kumar, Principal of MVS College, who talked about the importance of entrepreneurship, and how children must start working on their ideas from a very young age and develop on them with various inputs from professionals.
The Vice-Chancellor of Palamuru University, Prof. B Rajarathnam, also addressed the students and told them that they would benefit immensely by taking part in the Metamorphosis Entrepreneurship programme, as it would help break the glass ceiling, and innovate and pursue their true passion.

This was followed by our Chief Guests’ address to the crowd where, IAS officer, D. Ronald Rose, Collector and District Magistrate of Mahabubnagar explained what exactly is an Incubator, why entrepreneurship is necessary today and how the entrepreneurial skill set that the students learn during the course of the program will transform them into job creators and not just job seekers. He also talked about how Metamorphosis is going to incubate the ideas of the students from Mahabubnagar and transform them into working models.

Lastly, Shri A.P. Jithender Reddy, hon’ble Minister of Parliament, Mahabubnagar, spoke very encouragingly to the students and asked them to take risks and not just look for jobs after they graduate, but create a platform with their own idea to become job creator instead. The ceremony ended with the signing of MoU, where Metamorphosis would be conducting Entrepreneurship Program for 5000 students of Palamuru University, MVS Govt College, and NTR College for women for 15 sessions, where they would go through an Entrepreneur’s Journey, build their ideas, imbibe the Entrepreneurial Skill Set and be empowered enough to be leaders and job creators, and not just job seekers. How do you raise future leaders? It is by moulding your children into decision-makers, and it all starts at Metamorphosis. We imbibe entrepreneurship skills like out-of-the-box thinking, creativity, business modelling, business laws and so on, at school level. Give your children a chance to change their lives for the better!For more Photos from the event, click here – https://bit.ly/2NED5LqFor more videos and full coverage of the event visit our YouTube Page – https://bit.ly/2Qo24RF

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