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On October 25, students of Glendale Academy International gathered for an event/competition in their auditorium. While a few students were consumed by the curiosity to get the event started, there was another section of students/participants smartly dressed in formals, were nervously going through their last-minute prep for Intra Schoolpreneur Summit – Glendale Edition.
That’s right, the preliminary rounds of Global Schoolpreneur Summit have started and are going on at full speed. Global Schoolpreneur summit 2019 is one of those initiatives that is all set to provide a global platform for young entrepreneurs to project their ideas. As you all know, the summit is the world’s biggest idea pitching event for students at the school level. The summit will witness 1500 ideas from 3000 students across 500 schools in 6 countries and brings together leading investors, entrepreneurs, academicians, and Govt officials on the same platform. The summit aims at propelling entrepreneurial dynamics in students at the school level.

Metamorphosis had a blast conducting Intra Schoolpreneur Summit at Glendale Academy International. Around 15 teams have presented their ideas in front of a revered jury — Yashwanth Nag, CEO of The Thickshake Factory; BP Padala, Chairman of Roots International School of Business and Lekha Sishta, Global Talent Strategist, HR, and management consultant. The students presented their ideas with utmost passion, so much so that they gave the jury a tough time, screening.
Right from the Guiding Touch idea for the blind by Hareem, Materialistic idea for personalized gifts by Vrinda, and Easy Health idea aiming towards better health of the society, every single idea came out a vision.

All in all, we managed to continue our success streak with the Intra Schoopreneur Summit – Glendale edition and Metamorphosis looks forward to witnessing more ideas from the students brimming with talent.
Oh, Wait! Before you jump off to another tab, check out the following video to find out what Aparna Tivary, Chair Disciple and Senior Secondary coordinator of Glendale Academy, has to say about Metamorphosis.

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