Entrepreneurship is the way we take control of our lives in a tough economy

Since tough times are precisely when it is the true test of any skill set, the above statement has proven to be true specially during these unprecedented times. Many entrepreneurs and innovators made India as their launchpad to start their own ventures on the foundation of increased digital penetration, reduced living costs and innovative ideas, following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion for “being vocal for local.”

The primary takeaway from the announcement by the PM’s Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan is that it serves as a framework for building a self-reliant India, which would be competitive globally. Indian entrepreneurs will play a key role in the success of the mission. But why wait until college to develop or further the innovative mindset?

It is the younger lot of our population who needs to be taught valuable skills that are linked to entrepreneurship, such as creativity and resilience. Which is precisely what we here at Metamorphosis propagate as we envision these young minds to be the guiding light of this nation which stands strong on values of independence and autarky.


  1. Thinking like a pioneer and reformer enhances the value of information obtained from the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) disciplines. It brings out solutions to complex problems by integrating the knowledge gained in the STEAM disciplines. As it transforms knowledge into value.
  2. The phrase “the sooner the better” fits perfectly well as acquiring these skills at the earlier stage will help in mastering it.


  • Change Inspired

It will give rise to a generation that not only creates job and other opportunities for themselves for others by taking initiatives, educated risks and by accepting responsibility to ultimately thrive in the challenging world.

  • Unconventional skills nurtured

Enterprising mindset will help students deliberate, identify potential audience, seek approval from people, understand their need and learn how to sell their ideas.

  • Economic growth and development promoted

Entrepreneurial innovations with technological advancements and global competitiveness are essential for India to create new jobs and aid in economy growth. This process can be fuelled by focussing on the roots of the system as various studies and research indicate that students who have received entrepreneurial education are 3 to 6 times likely to start business.

In conclusion, from laying the groundwork for social change to driving the invention of new ideas, the importance of entrepreneurship is significant. We must not forget that some of the most powerful countries have achieved world domination because of their forward-thinking creativity (ability to create interesting things), science, and entrepreneurship. At the end of the day, we need to leverage a mindset that sees the possibilities rather than the problems created by change.

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