Finding purpose; the journey from campus through career

Some of the long-held notions of a “dream” work are no longer appropriate in a world where occupations are inherently dynamic. The technology revolution has altered our perception of the world and brought up new opportunities. This has resulted in the creation of several occupations that may not have existed only a few years ago. 65 percent of today’s primary school students will eventually work in wholly new job kinds that do not yet exist.

It might be difficult to plan for your future and career, and you may not know where to begin. When it comes to your profession, you don’t need to have total clarity or a clear aim in mind. Aim for a career that plays to your abilities, encourages you to learn, takes you out of your comfort zone to some level, and allows you to pursue your passions. To do so, you must first understand the positions you are applying for and if they fit at least part of your expectations.

You must also continually learn, unlearn, and re-learn in today’s disruptive society. Having the correct credentials opens doors, but it does not determine success or failure. The fact is that if you don’t have the ‘proper’ qualifications, the chance may not be easily available. However, you should not be discouraged; instead, find a method – start small and use those experiences as stepping stones to the profession you desire. To receive a realistic glimpse of if it fits your expectations, try a stretch project, training, certification, or internship in your field of interest.

We are all distinct because we contribute diverse points of view to the table. We must acknowledge that no one else has our precise personality, experiences, or expertise that has led us to this point. We must also learn to recognise and overcome the attitudes and behaviours that keep us back.

It is definitely productive to have a clear vision and focus on personal development. Failures must be viewed as building bricks in order for you to learn from your blunders. You should not be afraid to seek assistance from mentors, coaches, or trusted peers who can help you see yourself in the mirror, challenge you, and guide you to become a better version of yourself.

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