From a caterpillar to a butterfly: A Natural(s) Story

Mrs K Veena and Mr CK Kumaravel founded India’s No.1 salon chain Naturals in 2000. The idea behind their project was to find a suitable employment for Mrs K Veena and earn about 60k from the salon. But little did they know that it will hit the right chords with the consumers in the upcoming years and grow to about 700 beauty salons by the year 2021.

The couple has revolutionized the face of the salon industry, which was considered to be a taboo activity in 2000, to a lifestyle industry now. Their franchises are spread all across India, with 220 in Tamil Nadu, 50 each in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh with the rest located in different parts of India.

The main aim of Naturals is to provide employability to all the homemakers, and they are successful in their aim with the help of women running most of their franchises across India.

Mr CK Kumaravel considers women to be superior to men, and henceforth he wishes all of them to be financially independent. He relates this to a personal anecdote where he lost his father at the mere age of 13. Post the demise of his father, his mother Smt. RC Hemalatha became the bread earner of the family by wearing multiple hats of working in a bakery, tailoring unit and agriculture simultaneously. This particular incident motivated him to create more job opportunities for housewives when he grows up.

The couple describes their salon service providers as smile providers. Their mission and vision is to add value to the lives of their employees and their consumers likewise. Naturals has a range of service providers consisting of stylists, hairdressers, beauticians amongst others.

Believing in the ideology of being absolutely unreasonable about your dreams with a goal-oriented approach, the couple has surely brought a whole new concept to the salon industry which only had barbers in the traditional approach.

The long term goal of the company is to make Naturals the No.1 salon chain of the world. Their next vision is to create 1,000 successful women entrepreneurs, 3,000 salons and 50,000 job opportunities by the end of 31st December 2025.

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