Global Outage: Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram down

On 4th Oct, Monday 9pm, all of us experienced a harrowing 6 hour long outage of some of our favourite social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. While for some of us it meant that we were not able to reach out to our family members and for some it meant a heavy loss in their business. This also resulted in a heavy loss in the share price of Facebook.

A food delivery business owner in Delhi, who runs his business through Facebook page and takes orders on Whatsapp said that he wasn’t able to fulfil the needs of his customers. This impacted his business severely, and he also incurred loss due to this. A gamer, whose primary source of earning was Facebook, also lost a few dollars because of the power outage.

Facebook’s internal team said that the main reason for the snafu was the changes to the underlying infrastructure that coordinates the traffic between the data centers. This caused disruption in communication and caused further cascades to other data centers, which eventually brought a halt to all the services provided by Facebook.

The employees at Facebook said that they were unable to access their internal communicating platform, Workplace. Some of them even mentioned that they were not able to enter their badges and were not getting detected because of the complete halt to the services.

The entire incident is a testimony to the fact that how our life has become dependent on the internet, and even a power cut or an outage can lead to our finances getting affected!

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