Healthcare In The Age Of Start-Up’s

Entrepreneurs are individuals who act as an agent of positive change in our society. These are the ones who identify a problem and make efforts to solve that problem. These are basically disruptors of the established norms with their efforts and bring about a positive change in the society. 

In today’s ‘digital first’ world where rapid digitalisation, automation and using Artificial Intelligence to solve or ease an issue is the name of the game.

We have seen how successfully the new generation entrepreneurs have solved or eased our life. From our learning experience using various apps and ed-tech platforms to how we are ordering food at our doorsteps as per our convenience etc. The business as usual in various sectors is different then what it used to be a couple of years ago.

Although in many sectors start-ups are becoming unicorns and are at maturity stage but, Healthcare as an industry has only few start-ups in nascent stages.

In India alone this US$100 billion industry needs a lot of disruptions to solve critical problems faced by over 1.30 billion population. Healthcare start-ups are slowly catching up and in a post-COVID world a lot of new opportunities have come up in this space. Telemedicine, Digital Health Insurance, Online Pharmacies are on the rise. A lot of new and exciting opportunities in diagnosis and disease management domain awaits an entrepreneurial intervention.

 In India alone the number of doctors available are very few when compared to our population. Budding entrepreneurs can solve this problem with their problem-solving skills.

We as a nation are lucky to have a lot of ancient medical practices. The Indian wellness industry which includes healing practices like the Ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, etc. these ancient practices are in demand not only in India but also caters to international audience as well. The wellness sectors in India and globally is catching up as more and more people are choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Together both health and wellness sector have an ocean of opportunities which needs the attention and detailed research of entrepreneurs to better serve the society by making it more accessible and affordable among masses.  

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