How Can Our Children Contribute To #ATMANIRBHARBHARAT?

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“Atmanirbhar Bharat is a call to nurture entrepreneurship” – M. Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India.

Many experts believe in the above statement and so does Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis as an organization has always believed in self-reliance – How students could be independent? How can we make sure they have their own voice? How does skill development dominate academic report scores?

The future is heading towards a disruptive era that requires our students to improve certain skills. This disruption holds much more prominence in India. Did you know that Atmanirbhar Bharat is being compared to the 1991 liberal movement? Yes, we are in the process of making history and the history makers are going to be our young generation.

Wondering how can children contribute to #AtmanirbharBharat?

Read on!
Replace foreign brands with local brands

Make in India – Atamanirbhar Bharat – Vocal for Local
All our WhatsApp family groups are flooded with the forwards that took up the responsibility on themselves to persuade us to prefer local products and destroy all the foreign (Chinese) products that we own. Well, that is not easy but we have to understand that it is not impossible. Atmanirbhar Bharat is a long process that can’t be achieved in a single day or even a single five-year plan. We need to rethink our preferences, and importantly we need to change, no, overhaul the way we educate our children.

Entrepreneurship is a subject that instills the skills that are required to build a brand. Similar to Atmanirbhar Bharath, these skills cannot be instilled overnight, this has to be part of the education from the grassroot level.

Opportunity Identification

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity”
One of the industries that suffered the most during this COVID time is the textile industry. But they did not fail to see the opportunity. Today India is the second-largest producer of PPE kits that are being manufactured in these textile factories. So, identifying an opportunity is a very important skill to have.

And our children need not wait till they finish their MBAs to hone this skill, it can and should start right from the school level. This is why we need to entrepreneurially empower students right from the school level.

Nurture skilled employees

“We just don’t need employees, we need skilled employees”

Most of our engineering graduates are sitting idle at home. Why? Because, unfortunately, they are not skilled enough. This vicious cycle has to break. We need a solid educational foundation, that allows students to get into better engineering colleges and lands them in even better jobs.

The importance of skill development must be part of our educational system. The solution for this is simple – the introduction of entrepreneurship at the school level.

Job creators “Job creators or job seekers – what do we want our children to be?”
India needs more job creators than job seekers; that is how we can make “Make in India” an ideal reality. The difference between job creators and job seekers is attitude. While we are pushing our kids to get a job in top companies, we are unknowingly suppressing the attitude to build their own company. It’s time for this attitude to change.

How can we move towards this change? Yes, that’s right, entrepreneurship!

Technological advancement

“The future will be driven by technology”

We are heading towards a future that is going to be disrupted by technology and this change has already started. For a country that produces the largest number of engineers, we still lack in our technological advancements. We need to look back and think where we are going wrong.

By the introduction of entrepreneurship, the students are forced to be inlined with the latest technologies that give an edge to their own business ideas.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most organic ways to familiarize students with entrepreneurship.

So, there it is. This is how we can achieve #AtmanirbharBharat by introducing our students to one subject – entrepreneurship.

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