How Can Schools Encourage Entrepreneurship?

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The importance of entrepreneurship has been successfully established. We need more entrepreneurs in this world for a better, functioning future. Now that we have the “why” covered, let us look into the “how”.
How can schools encourage entrepreneurship?
We have a few ideas. Read on:

Idea pitching competitions

“No competition, no progress!”
If we want the students to raise their standards then we will have to expose them to those higher standards. Schools have to open up the opportunities for the students to get into the competitions to prove their merit. Especially, for aspiring entrepreneurs, it crucial to give them access to the idea pitching competitions. Being part of the idea pitching competitions boosts confidence, expands the knowledge, improves networking skills, and most importantly keeps them inline with the evolving world.

Set up clubs

“Collaboration equals innovation”
Collaboration plays a major role in the life of an entrepreneur. The best way to expose the students to the culture of collaboration is by setting clubs. And no, these clubs need not be intellectually themed. It can a dance club, music club, or even an environment club – the goal here to see a group of students collaborate.

Compliant vs Solution

“Complaining is finding flaws. Wisdom is finding solutions”
That’s right, we need our students to be wise. At one point or the other every student comes forward with a complaint and they do, give them the authority/liberty to put forward to the solutions. This practice develops the habit of finding solutions to the problems which is the one of the paramount concepts of entrepreneurship – Finding solutions! You see it these small habits that trigger life-changing moments.

Interaction with entrepreneurs

“Learn from the experts”
Schools must consider to include more entrepreneurs as speakers. Create a space in which students can directly interact with the entrepreneurs and clear all their doubts that they have regarding the field. Entrepreneurship might seem like a flower path but it is not and the students should know that. One good interaction can create wonders. It is our responsibility to keep that passion ignited in these aspiring entrepreneurs.

Innovative activities

“Imagination comes DURING the work”
We cannot expect students to suddenly come up with an idea and then consider entrepreneurship. Well, it need not be the only way to approach entrepreneurship. Keep creating the occasions that lead to the ‘aha’ moment. Organize innovative activities that force the students to think out of the box! While these are few ways in which schools could encourage entrepreneurship. Do you have more ideas? Leave them in the comment section below.

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