Impact of Metamorphosis on Mahabubnagar students

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We at Metamorphosis have always believed that entrepreneurship is not limited to modern classrooms and high-rise buildings. Even the remotest nooks and corners of India hold immense potential to come up with game-changing innovation. Carrying forward this belief, Metamorphosis launched the Incubator Module for students in Mahabubnagar, a rural town in Telangana. This program was launched in collaboration with the Telangana Government and the inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of eminent personalities like Hon’ble MP of Mahabubnagar Shri A.P. Jithender Reddy and D. Ronald Bose, IAS, Collector and District Magistrate. Besides, various dignitaries from the Palamaru University, MVS Govt. Degree College and NTR Govt Degree College also graced the event. The speakers inspired over 1500 students to understand the importance of entrepreneurship and to come up with ideas which can shape their future.

Despite possessing immense talent, students from rural areas do not have access to proper resources to showcase it and hence, restricting the rise of budding entrepreneurs. So, Metamorphosis took up the responsibility to help the students develop their ideas and overcome all barriers that they faced throughout the process. With guidance from the Incubator Program, the students shined with their entrepreneurship and innovation skills. Over 300 students came up with 30 brilliant ideas that showed strong potential and promise.

While one team came up with an online platform where farmers could buy natural fertilizers, the other team identified the need for online classes accessible for the students which help them prepare for all the major entrance examinations. Likewise, each idea and every idea evolved into a legitimate business model by the end of this Incubator program.Metamorphosis planted the entrepreneurial seed in the minds of the youth of Mahabubnagar and assisted them on a journey of creativity and innovation. The students were made to realise how good ideas will find a way to success no matter what and that they should always encourage the entrepreneur inside them.
This is just an example of the greater vision of Metamorphosis, of keeping the entrepreneurship spirit running across our youth irrespective of their background. With expertly tailored programs to guide the next generation on a path of innovation, we aim to make every corner of India an entrepreneurial hub in the near future.

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