Importance Of Having A Mentor In An Entrepreneurial Life

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How do you know the answers you are looking for frantically on the internet would work for you? As budding entrepreneurs, there must be so many questions buzzing in your head, overwhelmingly so. There is one solution that sure puts all this craziness to rest – make space for a mentor in your entrepreneurial life. “For anyone in any industry, especially an entrepreneur, needs a mentor. A mentor to a budding entrepreneur is like an anchor/sail to a boat,” says Sanjiv, COO & Line Producer, Mirage Media. “Without the sail and anchor, your boat would still function, but the point is to make the journey easier,” he explains. On that note, let’s look into the “Why’s” of having a mentor in the entrepreneurial life.

Experience trumps all
If you are somebody who holds on to your books dearest – kudos to you because that’s something that’s worth holding on to. But that being said, experience has a huge role to play in your success story. This is where the MENTOR comes into the picture. This mentor comes with experience, he/she has this intuition that is built over a considerable period of time and the knowledge that isn’t written in books. So, you need a mentor to guide you through with the experience that you do not possess.
You need a mentor for the experience!

Make Connections
Networking and making connections is one of the crucial things in the world of business/entrepreneurship. Mentors will help you get these connections and the right ones at that. Meeting the right people is not as easy as it sounds, the conversations don’t always happen naturally and you will have to conjure them. Mentors will make conjuring a little easy for you budding entrepreneurs.
You need a mentor to network!

Confidence booster
This is a competitive world. It doesn’t take much to lose hope, intimidated, and feel underconfident. You need a professional confidant to boost your confidence from time to time. A mentor is your well-wisher; a mentor is somebody who looks forward to your success. So, he/she will do everything they can to keep you going.
You need a mentor to keep you confident!

Motivation Source
Here is a scenario – you have an idea, a good one at that and you started working on it on full force. Your business is just picking up and so are your challenges; these challenges are foreseen but that doesn’t stop you from taking the hit harder than expected. Right when you are doubting yourself and contemplating your decisions, a mentor comes, bringing in the expert perspective that serves as your motivation source. You need a mentor to keep you motivated!

Improved Success Rate
One of the most valuable advantages of having a mentor in your life as an entrepreneur is that you will be warned about the paths that need to be avoided. This cuts down on your risk factor of the business. Many business surveys say that most of the startup owners believe that mentorship is crucial for the success of a business.

You need a mentor to succeed!
Now, let us end this article with a mentor sharing his perspective on mentorship, “A mentor helps in reframing the assumptions made on the design of a product or go-to-market strategy.An experienced guide can raise questions that are not considered,” says Paul Kitchen, director, Toucan digital, and Mentor.

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