Is entrepreneurship contagious?

There are budding entrepreneurs everywhere. It is no surprise that we literally have a startup solution for everything at our doorstep. Many of these startups get global recognition, like Flipkart, Amazon and Grofers who have in no time been able to earn millions and have also been successful in easing the lives of billions.

Covid has accelerated the entrepreneurial approach, where many people have ventured out to make their dreams of launching a startup turn into a reality. For instance, some food joints in Nagpur and Maharashtra have started serving tea in biscuit cups. This business model has been an instant hit with the consumers.

Similarly, some startups have come up with a fusion of pani puri and pizza. Even companies like Swiggy and Zomato have come up with their own grocery department, which is a part of their entrepreneurial venture in the grocery industry.

The most challenging aspect of this entrepreneurial journey is the funding and the hiring of the most efficient skillset. Startup world might seem glamorous on the outside, but the bitter reality is how it takes full dedication and hardwork to make your business model make a mark with the consumers.

A lot of the people feel stuck in the 9-5 mundane routine. They want to experience the freedom to work on their own terms, be their own boss and help out the masses. And thus they come up with their startups.

One should have a clear vision and goal if they are thinking of opening a startup. As the popular saying goes ‘hard work pays off someday’, and it definitely does to those who are focused enough to not give up.

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