It’s Never Too Young To Be An Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship is about identifying a problem and coming up with solutions. And if you are somebody who can do both, then viola! You are an entrepreneur! And no it doesn’t matter if you are 13 years old or 30 years old.

If you are a parent who thinks your child is too young into entrepreneurship or if you are a student who wants to get into entrepreneurship but taking a step back because of your age, this article is for you.

Here, I tell you why age is just a number when it comes to entrepreneurship.
Read on!

Test Fast, Fail fast, Adjust Fast

This might not be a new principle but it definitely an underrated one. There is rather too much conversation around success that we sometimes forget the role of failure. While it is important to embrace failures and move forward, it is also important to fail sooner than later so that you have more time to explore new paths.

This approach holds true in entrepreneurship more than any other field. Let me reiterate the fact – “entrepreneurship is not all sunshine and rainbows”; this field is all about grit, determination, and perseverance. So the sooner you fail, the sooner you understand the nuances of the field which is invaluable knowledge to possess.

Liberty to explore

Starting young has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But let’s talk about the advantages today. One of the biggest advantages of starting early is that you have time to explore and expand your horizons. Even if your encounter failures, there is not much at stake for you.

You can move forward with the lessons learnt and reestablish your business with added wisdom. So, yes, the biggest pro of starting your entrepreneurial journey very early in your life is – “Liberty to explore”.

Step into the real world

Practical knowledge is crucial. The lessons learned among the four walls are to be implemented when you get out of the classroom. Now, how do you rate your practical knowledge? Have you ever done market research by yourself? Did you validate your business idea? Have you tried networking with experienced entrepreneurs?

Well, these are the things that you should be learning. It is this practical knowledge that helps you survive in this fiercely competitive world. The introduction of entrepreneurship will force you to experience all the different concepts on a practical level.

The right time is now

“I want to become an entrepreneur when I grow up” – well, age has nothing to do with your goal. You can become an entrepreneur today. Do not conform to the obsolete paradigms of “when” you should be starting your own business. IT IS NEVER TOO YOUNG TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR. Period.

Do you have an idea? Well, that’s it. Put all your efforts into taking it to the next level, and you will be an entrepreneur. Do it today, not tomorrow.

Other Young Entrepreneurs

And you are not alone if you want to start your entrepreneurial journey today. There are many entrepreneurs who started their journey right at the school level. Here are new examples that I want you to google for some inspiration – Ritesh Agarwal, Founder of OYO (the idea struck him when he was 18 years old); Farrahad Acidwalla, founder of Rockstah Media and CYBERNETIV DIGITAL (his journey started when he was 13 years old); Advait Thakur, founder of Apex Infosys India (he launched the company when he was 15). And there are many more who have triumphed in the world of entrepreneurship at a very young age.

Now, it’s your turn to do your research and I hope this blog has given you something to ponder over!

All the best!

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