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We all have grown up believing in this ideology. Seeking knowledge continues to be everybody’s endeavor and rightly so. But lost in the noise of OTTs and social media platforms, did learning just become stale? Metamorphosis is here to change the game of learning for all those who seek knowledge. Webisode is the latest initiative of Metamorphosis where the free webinars will be conducted every week for the students, helmed by the industry experts, real-time entrepreneurs, and leaders. These one-hour webinars will cover coming of age topics that usually get sidelined in the traditional school setting. The goal of these webisodes is to prepare students for the real world and equip them with the right set of skills.

The following are the three successful webisodes that have been conducted by Metamorphosis so far as we introduce the culture of infotainment:

Importance of Teaching Entrepreneurship at a Young Age by Mr. Prasad Kantamneni
Mr. Prasad Kantamneni, founder of UXReactor has given his valuable insights on the topic “Importance of Teaching Entrepreneurship at a Young Age” in one of the Metamorphosis Webisodes. He took the attendees through all the important aspects of being an entrepreneur and why is it important to start the journey right at the school level. It was an enriching webisode where students were introduced to the concept of creating their opportunities.

21st Century Leadership Skills by Mr. Nitin Jaiswal The way in which the leaders of yesteryears functioned is entirely different from the way the leaders do it today. Enlightening the students on the nuances on the “21st Century Leadership skills”, Mr. Nitin Jaiswal, a senior executive from Financial Technology Industry conducted an engaging webinar that gave confidence and knowledge to the students to evolve as leaders in this modern age.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities Post COVID – 19 by Prof. Raja Pappu

The pandemic has changed everything and made things much more volatile than ever. In these uncertain times, how do we ensure the success in our chosen career paths especially if that chosen career is entrepreneurship? Prof. Raja Pappu covered the topic “Entrepreneurial Opportunities Post COVID – 19” by giving his valuable insights to the students. This session allowed students to jot down all the required points to make an informed decision by themselves.

There are more Webisodes in store for you! Follow our social media platforms to get notified about our Webisodes.

Note: The Webisodes will be conducted once in a week, every Saturday.

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