Learning through Experience – The Metamorphosis Ideology

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Traditional methods of learning are teacher-led instructions and lecture-based, which work well when the information is new or unknown, and has to be delivered to a large group of people. But this method does not take into consideration the strengths and weakness of each individual student. It does not cater to every student’s learning style. Conventional methods of teaching may be time-effective for the instructors, but the sole purpose of teaching is lost if the audience does not gain true knowledge about the subject and it does not add value to their all rounded growth.

Now what is ‘true knowledge’? It is the abstract concepts that are stored in the brain through various experiences in one’s life that can be applied in real-time in the next unknown situation he or she is going to face. Everything taught at school today is important to graduate school and university, but what needs to be changed is the teaching methodology. Students need to get empowered to ask “WHY?”. Without knowing ‘why’ they are learning something, the students will never be able to use what they learn in real life situations.

Business mathematics should be implemented in lower classes so that students are tuned to think about profits and losses, statistics, data interpretation and so on. Topics like Competitor Analysis and Market Research help students to analyse what is happening around in the world, be up to date and how to make improvements in themselves to be at par with other individuals around them.

In the sessions, Metamorphosis trains students to write letters and emails, have healthy debates, ask questions and give presentations, learn how to use Google Tools like sheets, slides and docs – which adds value to their academic learning and boosts up their confidence in general.

A good coder can earn millions working for Apple, but a coder that can use his or her abilities to become an entrepreneur would be remembered for a lifetime. So many lives touched, and so many lives to be touched!

What we aim at Metamorphosis is to give students the experience of real-life situations and help them truly learn the essence of life. We gather case studies of actual problems faced by businesses from across the globe, their success and failure stories, practical difficulties, and so on, and challenge the young brains to come up with solutions. We train them using business lingo, and also give them thorough insight about taxation methods, legal issues, start-up management, client relationship, and so on. We have trained experts in the entrepreneurship field who can completely change the outlook of school for children!

We teach students things that cannot be ‘Googled’. Metamorphosis is here to help your kids battle tomorrow’s world of automation, by empowering them with skill sets that are superior to artificial intelligence. In other words, we instil confidence in your children who can say “Yes, I am better than a robot.”

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