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Our workdays at Metamorphosis house (office) kick off at eight-thirty in the morning – on the dot. Yes, you may find a couple of people rushing, owing to the “on the dot” policy but we got to appreciate the wholehearted effort that they put in towards punctuality. After a couple of high fives and a few high-spirited good morning pleasantries, the vibe switches straight to the work-mode. All of us are aware of the mammoth of a mission that we are working towards and what kind of efforts it demands. While we put our blood and sweat together to bring a change in the sectors of education and entrepreneurship, we never forget to have loads of fun, learn new skills, and constantly recharge ourselves in diverse ways.

Want to know more about the Metamorphosis culture? Read on…
For the starters

As opposed to the popular startup norms, Metamorphosis Edu has a mainstream or a rather old school office timings – 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Yes, we put in some extra hours when it is required but we make our fit our schedule between this particular AM and PM. Also, unlike other corporate work cultures, these timings allow us to have a perfect work-life balance. For example, Metamorphosis allows its employees to claim for one energy booster leave per month – this leave is all about rejuvenation. Now, isn’t that fantastic! Yes, we are a little too professional and systematic for a young team with an average age of 23 and we love being this way.
The Next-gen Leaders

Metamorphosis not only teaches the students to be the leaders but also trains all the employees to walk the path of the leaders. While the company culture itself serves as a fertile ground for the growth of leaders, we have taken things a little seriously by introducing the Metamorphosis Leadership Program. As part of this program, eight aspiring leaders within the company will be selected every quarter and will be trained over a period of 12 weeks.Need we say more about how seriously we take our self-growth!

Employee of the Month

Oh did we mention – “we” are “Metapreneurs”! To keep the community spirit intact, every month one Metaprerneur is chosen as Metapreneur of the Month based on his/her performance. The Metampreneur of the Month will be rewarded with an exciting cash price and of course a whole lot of appreciation and accolades from the community.Another initiative that makes us feel included in the Metamorphosis community is #IAmMetapreneur social media posts. If you follow us on social media, you would know that every Friday we release a #IAmMetapreneur poster on all our social media handles featuring one employee. It’s a fun concept you must check out!
Be a sport

Company culture is all about teamwork. And what better way to bring out the team spirit while emphasizing healthy competition than sports. So, every quarter Metamorphosis organizes something called Metamorphosis Premier League (MPL). We select a different sport every quarter, divide ourselves into teams, bid on the players, make agreements and so on & so forth. MPL not only serves as a terrific team building activity but also evokes the business person in every employee as we go through the whole process from forming teams, strategically bidding on players to working towards the shiny trophy.Metamorphosis Premier League is definitely one of the coolest activities ever to be organized within the Metamorphosis house.

Our cup of joe

One of the best parts of being part of a startup is that you get a first-hand idea of the exact goals we are chasing as a company. Constant interaction with the founder(s) and their vigor towards making a mark usually rubs off on the fellow employees. But as the company starts scaling up, this interaction is somewhat compromised. Well, Metamorphosis Edu is not a company that bows to compromises and the CEO, Pavan Allena is most certainly does not. So, he introduced Coffee with Metapreneur where he takes out time from his frantic schedule to have a wholesome conversation over a cup of coffee with each and every Metapreneur one-on-one. And these conversations could involve any topic under the sun.How cool is that!
There are many more small gestures and initiatives that keep our bond strong with the company. That’s the culture we curated for ourselves!

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