Metamorphosis at Glendale Academy International

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It’s school time! While students gear up for yet another buzzing year ahead, Glendale students kick started their academic term on an inspirational note. Metamorphosis reached Glendale Academy International to finally take the blinders off and introduce students to everything entrepreneurial.

Helios was in his full form when students huddled into the auditorium donning an evident indifference for a facade. Well, grabbing the attention of 100+ teenagers is bit of a task. But Pavan Allena’s entrepreneurial inception “Uber for school buses” story did the trick. “The idea of ETA really fascinated me when I first started using Uber and that fascination turned into an idea…” the founder of Metamorphosis started narrating the story. And the rest of the session was 40 minutes ride of fun knowledge transfer.

From discussing Metamorphosis’ association with some of the leading companies to Mr Pavan sharing interesting titbits like – “Today Harvard is looking for students who have done something on their own, and failed”, students thoroughly got their motivation boost for the day(s). Not only that, students also got to check their entrepreneurial skill set at the end of the session.

Because in this start up era, just the good grades wouldn’t provide any edge; today, being extraordinary is a norm. The ‘Metamorphosis Entrepreneur Club’ aims to nurture that extraordinaire in the students. In association with Metamorphosis, Glendale Academy International puts its first step forward for shaping the creators of tomorrow.

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