Metamorphosis Leadership Program

Metamorphosis is coming with one of the most exciting initiatives of all times!

This leadership program provides an opportunity to employees of metamorphosis to go through a mini MBA. This program is the brainchild of our CEO, Mr Pavan Allena.

To enrol into this program, the employee has to write an SOP and undergo a rigorous interview process in an offline manner. After clearing the interview, one gets access to 8 modules covering topics from finance, strategy, branding, organizational behaviour and ethics. 

The case studies in these modules are from HBS and LSE, providing wholesome knowledge and practical insights. Exams are conducted after every topic in a gamified manner to increase learning and productivity.

This initiative will promote oneness and synergy within the organization. It will further help to streamline the process of operations internally, where everyone will have hands-on knowledge about the role requirements of each domain. This is broadly related to culture building activity which we promote at Metamorphosis.
Togetherness and strong cultural values promoting cross functional domain knowledge are the building blocks of an organization, and henceforth should be imparted within all employees in the organization for the smooth functioning of business processes.

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