Metamorphosis Turns Two

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At its nascent stages, Metamorphosis started imparting skills that are essential to sustain in this start-up era to just a hand full of students. Fast forward to today, the company is now associated with 50+ schools and 500+ students. And it’s time to look back and fill our hearts with pride for the long way we have come.

As Metamorphosis turns two, the celebrations were bound to be as incredible as it has been. To commemorate this special occasion, the company has launched yet another revolutionary initiative in the form of Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship. Launched by Shri J A Chowdary, Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship happens to be one of the biggest virtual schools of entrepreneurship for students at school level. Added to excitement was Anup Rubens (yes, the music director) disclosing an angle round of funding through his company Markset Networks.

The anniversary celebrations which took place in T-hub ended with an award ceremony which was a surprise bit of the event. It was the idea of Pavan Allena, CEO, to appreciate and recognize the members of the Metamorphosis house, on this special occasion, for contributing to the growth of the company in their own unique, best ways.That’s two years down for Metamorphosis, and a lot more years to go

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