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It’s been a week since our Hyderabad team has moved into one of the biggest co-working spaces – WeWork (Kothaguda). Must say, it is indeed the hip and happening set up for an office space.
WeWork carries its own vibe that surprisingly tends to go along the diversified crowd that swipes through those glass doors every single day. Your day starts with the watchman greeting you “Good morning” with the biggest smile on his face and WeWork community members’ “Hey, how are you?” pleasantries. You are already in a great work mood and enthused to put your best self forward even before you enter your cabin. That’s what WeWork does to you.

Metamorphosis Edu is glad to have chosen WeWork as its new workspace as we are a community that knows how to work and how to have fun. Also, the inspiration that lingers in every nook and corner of WeWork perfectly complements the passion that we have towards realizing our vision. It is an amazing experience to be sharing the building/floor with somebody who is as passionate and zealous about something as you are.
“The experience that WeWork has given me this week has been amazing. The best part about this space is that it organically reminds you of the competition and pushes you to keep yourself on your toes at all times. And it provides everything that is required to keep you focused. For example, centralized facilities like coffee, snacks, and other refreshments take your mind off the miscellaneous things and gives you the luxury to concentrate on the bigger picture,” says Prathik Sunku, Head of Research and Development, Metamorphosis Edu.

Also, the collection of books that are laid out for the employees in the common areas on every floor turns WeWork into a paradise for all the literature enthusiasts. From the hardcovered latest releases to the paperback classics, they have everything at our disposal.
“There is an ideal balance that WeWork brings to everybody’s work life. The work, fitness, respect for one’s privacy, the aesthetics… everything is taken care of. All you have to do is show up at this place and everything unwinds on itself,” shares Nikitha Bodigam, PR and Brand Manager, Metamorphosis Edu.

No matter who you are and what you do, WeWork embraces you and makes you feel welcomed with every passing day. With that, the Hyderabad team is off with the piping hot masala chai by their side, fueling them to achieve their set targets for 2020 with exceptional rigor.

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