Parents Paving Way For The Young Entrepreneurs

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“Learning begins at home”
True, learning does begin at home. Children profusely attempt to imitate the elders around them, it’s their nature. And if you want your kid to grow up to an entrepreneur, there is a lot that could be done to see them evolve as successful entrepreneurs.

Metamorphosis had an insightful conversation with two mothers – Mrs. Monica Malkani, founder of FinEdge360, and Mrs. Umitha Davey, delivery manager, Infosys – of the students who are associated with our entrepreneurship programs and asked them to throw light on “Parents Paving Way for the Young Entrepreneurs”.

The following are a few ways in which parents could encourage the entrepreneurs in their children:

Digital Platforms – Need of the hour The whole world is gearing up for a digital transformation and students are the most important part of this transformation. “When students are in a lookout for a space to start their entrepreneurial journey, the digital platforms like Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship is crucial to work their way into the ecosystem. Also, self-employment, in a bigger picture, shows it’s effects on the social and economic fronts of a nation and the digital learning platforms are perfect leverage points,” says Mrs. Monica Malkani, mother of Shirin Malkani, student of Metamorphosis. Make most out of the digital platforms out there which are built to bring the students up to the speed with the world.

Notice the entrepreneurial streak Every student has his/her own set of talents, as a parent, you need to keep an eye out for all the signs that could be nurtured and help them evolve into successful entrepreneurs. And here is how Mrs. Umita Davey noticed the entrepreneur in her daughter, “I first noticed the entrepreneurial streak in my daughter, Manya, when she was just 9 years old. She happened to stumble upon a diya stall that managed to grab her attention. She came home with a (business) idea to sell designed diyas herself. And there is no looking back from there; I could say her entrepreneurial journey started as soon as she saw that stall.”

Encourage and Instill

Once you notice the entrepreneurial streak, it is now time to encourage, build the habits, and provide the opportunities for your child to take his/her interests further. “Being an entrepreneur myself, I look forward to giving every opportunity for my daughter to walk this path. Apart from giving her access to entrepreneurship courses like Young Entrepreneurs Summer Program organized by Metamorphosis, I make sure to instill entrepreneurial thinking at home. This could be done by encouraging your kids to be independent, include them in adult conversations, ask them for solutions, discuss your work… these are the small things that eventually develop as entrepreneurial skills.,” says Mrs. Malkani.

Reap the Impact When parents consciously work towards bringing up an entrepreneur, they sure do notice the positive impact a lot sooner than expected. “I have seen my daughter communicate more effectively after starting her entrepreneurial journey – I can see that her social presence has become much more charismatic than before. Especially, negotiation skills have improved by manifolds which were a pleasant surprise for all of us,” says Mrs. Davey. There you have it, entrepreneurship is not just a profession, it’s a lifestyle.

Financial Literacy
One of the most important lessons that children must learn at a young age is financial literacy and it is this knowledge that helps them handles their financials better as an owner of the company. “Financial literacy is a very crucial knowledge to possess and children have to be enlightened on this subject very early on in their lives. I believe this learning starts with parents teaching their kids to be money conscious, not money minded,” shares Mrs Malkani and we couldn’t agree more.

Modern parents have a whole lot to do with more children considering entrepreneurship as a career choice and Metamorphosis is beyond thrilled to be part of this welcome change.

We would like to dedicate this article to all the parents who are doing a fantastic job in bringing up the next generation of entrepreneurs by respecting, valuing, and recognizing merit in the passions of their children.

To parents!

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