Power of Offline Learning – Pavan Allena

“I had the opportunity to conduct a session with one of the distinct schools a few days back. It was almost like a fresh breath of air to be able to conduct a session in offline mode after 18 long months!

After taking multiple online sessions throughout covid months, I realized that it was a real struggle for students to come up with new ideas and solutions or take ownership of their projects virtually. Peer to peer learning and the right learning environment were the key missing factors for such an instance.

During this particular offline session, I had divided the students into three groups and given them 2 hours to brainstorm and come up with unique ideas. To my surprise, each group had come up with extremely interesting ideas like a biodegradable sanitary pad, an organic farming toolkit and many more.

The energy in the room was electric. The enthusiasm and healthy competition among the students was quite a sight to witness. I could feel the entrepreneurial energy within each individual there, which to some extent was curbed in the online mode. The energy and learning environment mode which offline mode provides is unmatchable.

It is indeed true that the online mode has increased screen time and reduced our attention span, and has sadly made entrepreneurship training an additional learning instead of a must have skill.

While online learning has been a boon for most of us, given the circumstances I got to witness the immense power and potential of offline learning and interactions.”

Pavan Allena, Founder and CEO of Metamorphosis Edu


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  1. well said !! fun of learning is diminished significantly in the online mode for students

  2. Absolutely agree! Offline mode has its own advantages. The direct interaction kids get has no replacement. Certainly team activities are more effective in the offline mode.

    Sincere appreciation to Pavan and team for the efforts in inculcating entrepreneurship among school children. It will take them a long way in their careers

  3. Well , online schooling does have few benefits we cannot compare it to the physical classes which offer more structured setting and less distractions specially for younger students.
    While we were able to deliver the cognitive learning, I could observe that we could not establish social bonding and develop interpersonal skills which are very crucial for child’s healthy development.
    I agree with you that social connections in physical class room set up encourage the child to develop confidence, problem solving skills, creativity, team spirit which hone the entrepreneurial skills in children

    Kavitha Agastya
    Director Principal
    Ignite Play School