Student Collaboration In The Digital Age

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This pandemic has forced every existing business across the globe to resort to technology. While technology is keeping many businesses afloat, is it offering a wholesome alternative to the traditional methods? – This is the question we raised in this week’s Dialogue with Educationists and asked the panel members, as educationists, to throw some light on how they are ensuring collaboration and recreating an ecosystem for the students using technology.

Lt. A Col Sekhar, soldier educationist, leader, trainer, mentor, who fastidiously moderated the session posed a very pertinent question to one of the panel members, Commander VK Banga, former principal, The Mann School – how do we ensure students are collaborating with each other during this e-learning era?

Commander VK Banga offered a simple yet effective solution to issue at hand, “the assignments given by the teachers must be carefully curated in a way that ensures collaboration among students.”

Adding to the solution shared by Commander VK Banga, the panel member, Ms. Nita Arora, Principal, Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, has shared specifics of one of the assignments given by teachers of Sri Venkateshwar International School, “Give your students the task of writing a book. And divide the responsibilities like among the group of students. Considering there is a group of five students – one can ideate, one can write the story, one can edit, one can be the illustrator and one can be the cover designer. This activity/assignment ensures student collaboration and it wouldn’t even feel like an assigned task.”

Must say, that is an interesting idea.

Will the students reciprocate to the opportunities presented to them? Well, of course, they do. “I have received emails from students requesting to give them permission to conduct webinars on their own. Once given the go-ahead, they have conducted engaging webinars by bringing in people together and driving the conversation. So, our efforts put towards skill building, competency-based learning, and experiential-based learning does pay off in many ways, beyond our expectations,” assures Mrs. Nikita Tomar Mann, Principal, Tagore International School, New Delhi.

“Where there is a will, there is a way” – this might seems like a run of the mill phrase but it carries a lot of weight; it continues to stay relevant with the passing times. So, the educationists across the globe are finding ways with all their will to not only provide quality education to the students but also work on honing their skill sets.

It was a stimulating conversation that we had with these visionary personalities taking the centre stage.

If you missed the session, watch the full episode of Dialogue with Educationists – Peer to Peer Exposure & Ecosystem Can Be Obtained Through Digital Learning on our youtube channel –

Goodbye, until next time!

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