Students, let this quarantine scream productivity!

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Schools are shut down, your favorite mall is closed, sports venues are off-limits and movie theatres are just a big no-no. This is the time you (students) wish you could rather go to school.
Before this boredom escalates to full-blown madness, remember it’s not a house arrest, it’s quarantine. There is a huge difference. There are a zillion things you could do to keep yourself occupied.
We have a few ideas for you. Check it out:
Catch up with TBRs

Pick up those books that you always wanted to read but couldn’t find time or found them initimidating or are just too chunky to invest your time in. This is the best time to catch your long pending TBRs. While you are there, drop your reviews on goodreads/amazon and share it with your friends. This can be your first step towards starting your own book club.
Solve Rubik’s Cube

Get to solving the Rubiks cube that has been sitting on your desk like a decoration piece for ages. You have all the time in the world to finally learn to solve a rubiks cube. If you manage to manage to solve it then you can always get to speedcubing level. You can never run out of Rubik’s cube wisdom. There are too many exciting levels to keep you occupied.
Sign up for online classes and competitions

Considering the lockdown situation, there are many opportunities out there to hone your skills. Do not let the quarantine stop you from experiencing a fun summer camp or taking part in competitions. Metamorphosis Edu has opened up two exciting opportunities for you.
Virtual B-plan competition – Summer Camp –
Sing up and ride the entrepreneurial ride!
Write it down

Not every generation experiences quarantines and government-imposed lockdowns, so jot down your experiences. Keep a journal, update your day-to-day experiences – what did you do for the day? How are situations out in the world? Are things getting worst or better? Write everything down. Bring out the Anne Frank in you.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language always adds up to your resume, SoP and skill sets but usually not very prioritized. So, this is the best time to get to learn another language. Also, don’t you want to be able to say “wash your hands” in more than one language without the help of Google?
Award-winning movies

Of course, you deserve to Netflix and chill. But choose your series/ movies/documentaries wisely. Watch legendary movies, explore the classics, dig up the documentaries on the issues that piqued your interest.
Clean up

Organize your wardrobe, clean up your room/house, re-decorate it and do it along with your parents. Dusting and cleaning need a lot of time and effort; in these testing times, it is extremely important to keep your surroundings spick and span. So, get to work!
Talk to your grandparents

Now that you are not all “busy”, talk to your grandparents, listen to their stories, if they live with you, take extra care in keeping safe and away from any possible contact. Is it even summer if you don’t spend some time with your senior chaps and let them spoil you?
There are so many things to do and activities to take part in if you wish to. Put technology to good use and have a productive quarantine.
Note: Do not forget to wash your hands.

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