Teaching Students How to Acquire, Retain and Grow Customers

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Getting young school students interested in learning anything new is a challenge. They tend to become too engrossed in the comforts of life so much so that they forget whatever is taught to them in school. No doubt, the skills of a teacher matter but it is actually the teaching strategies employed that prove whether the students would be interested in learning more than necessary.

Many count marketing amongst those subjects which only prospective marketing majors in universities would be willing to study. This isn’t necessarily true. Marketing skills are also life skills and come in handy at any stage of life. Thus, students should be trained in these from the beginning. However, the wavering attention span of young learners poses a serious challenge, even putting the patience of instructors to the test.

Here are some great ways in which you can teach students about marketing – how to acquire and retain customers for long-term.

  1. Teaching Through Jingles/Slogan

The right entrepreneurship training would involve a slogan or jingle making which could be a fun way to learn about acquiring customers. This will enable students to sharpen their thinking and problem-solving skills needed as future entrepreneurs. For this exercise, you could divide the class into groups and assign each a product to advertise. Encourage students to think innovatively to come up with that alluring catchphrase that would attract consumers to their product.

  • Making Commercials/Recording AdvertisingPromos

An essential aspect of marketing is devising and coming up with ways to record the right product ad that clicks with the intended audience. Teach students and familiarise them with the history of radio/television advertisements in their entrepreneurship training. Then split them into groups and assign each group an actual product. And let students decide whether they would want to shoot a commercial with actors or instead simply use their original voices to record an ad complete with music.

  • Turning Old into New

Marketers are continually thinking of novel ways to market their products, so as to encourage brand loyalty. For example, a shower gel may have its own unique set of ingredients that the brand would like to highlight when advertising it to the public. Hence, the same could be a task for students – ask them to come up with innovative ways to enhance the product marketing. This way students’ creativity can be maximised asgood marketing basically rides on putting a new spin in regular daily products, in turn, motivating students to think of new small business ideas.

  • Product implementation

In their session of entrepreneurship training, students can be tasked to create their own product, from scratch, employing the proper methods of marketing. Set up a fair/exhibition where the students can brainstorm sessions and initiate advertisements. Such an activity could be an immersive learning experience for students to come up with small business ideas and learn how to attract customers to a product as well as how to retain and further grow them.

Summing Up

Marketing is something that can only be taught through practical exercises and case studies as they offer much better advantages than other media. If we do an exceptional job of ‘marketing marketing’, then students of tomorrow will definitely have the confidence of turning their small business ideas into a huge success.

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