The Metapreneur Way!

Post the COVID-19 a lot has changed in our lives from how we work, study, buy or even eat. A major part of our day a spent online, as more and more services and essentials are transforming themselves into digital service providers.

A major cohort of our population are Gen -Z’s who are mostly in schools or have begun their college life, are greatly affected by these online transformations. More and more start-ups have emerged with various offerings since last year. As we are adopting ourselves to work and thrive in this digital first world, a great emphasis is being laid on what we called the hard skills i.e. our technical skills like programming, editing, finance etc. An ocean of teaching material and courses are available online for this. This up-skilling is good, but it doesn’t guarantee success. There is another aspect which plays an important role in overall development of an individual, that we call soft skills i.e. communication, relationship development, critical thinking etc. 

A good leader is usually one who not only is able to think different but sets a clear goal and direction for the stakeholders.

I take pride as a member of Metamorphosis community which is setting up a benchmark in the ed-tech industry firstly by its unique and quality offering and secondly how an individual’s overall development i.e. both hard  skills and soft skills is given priority.

As more start-ups in India are becoming unicorns more budding entrepreneurs are joining in the race to succeed with their ventures. In the world of start-up’s as we all are witnessing that age is literally just a number!

Metamorphosis is providing a launching pad for budding leaders and entrepreneurs by developing the much-needed skills and support that young students and problem solvers need.

All the students on-board are taking home value with them, by getting access to the quality materials case-based lectures which are designed to cater them. They are learning about how business works, how to structure an idea and everything about entrepreneurship.

A unique way by which we are also helping in developing our student’s personality is by focusing on how to communicate and pitch their ideas to everyone so that people of different background understand their ideas.

Recently we came up with Global Schoolpreneur Summit 2021 which is now live and “Metamorphosis Marketing Wizard Competition” the idea behind it is  simple, to develop an entrepreneurial knack in students and to give them a hands-on experience in the start-up world. Real world CEO’s and industry specialist will judge them in various parameters both on their hard and soft skills.

This is a unique way in which our Metapreneurs are gaining an edge over others. Metamorphosis in future is coming up with more exciting opportunities for our students, so Metapreneurs gear-up!!

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