The Most Underrated Entrepreneurial Skill is…

Mukesh Ambani, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and many more – what is the one skill they all have in common?
When Jeff Bezos said, “Start small, Grow big,” what did he mean?
When Bill Gates said, “Be your own Boss and start early,” what did he mean?

Among a pool of must-have skills in the Twenty-first Century, take a minute to ask yourself which is the most essential one for entrepreneurs?
Emotional Intelligence? Quality over quantity? Creative thinking? Problem Solving? 

If you got the answer, then you are on your way to becoming an entrepreneur my friend! And if you didn’t, just like me, you are on your way to exploring more and becoming an entrepreneur! 

The most vital skill to have as an entrepreneur is VISION!
It is one of the key factors differentiating a leader from others. A successful leader always thinks about the future and works in the present. 

What is vision anyway?
Vision or visual thinking is the ability to think and analyse what you have seen. It is the action of noticing your experiences and thinking about how to improve them going ahead. It is the skill of comprehension and foresight!

But why vision?
Vision encourages invention and consistency.
When you have a vision, you have a goal. Now this goal will push you to create an idea (the invention). Along with the right team and consistent hard work, your idea will translate into reality.
Your vision gives your team a sense of purpose and direction to work. It will help you create a framework by defining the short and long-term agendas. It gives your business or company identity. It is what will make you stand apart from the crowd, instilling a sense of belonging.
As opposed to theory, in practicality, this streamlining can be tough to implement – but you will never know if you do not start!
When you are starting from scratch, vision is all you have got!

Anecdote of Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey is an American entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of Twitter. His vision was “Think about what the world uses every day,” and well, we know that he accomplished it! From celebrities to politicians, and everyone in between has a platform of discussion through Tweets, or as Dorsey calls it – microblogging.

How can you improve your vision?

  1. Question everything – Once you know the “why” of every problem, you will be able to solve the “how”!
  2. Listen carefully to the words used by experienced entrepreneurs – Some statements are actually questions. Questions to which you can find answers. Listen more than you talk.
  3. Seek new challenges – Your vision will not come to fruition unless it is in combination with problem-solving. Your vision is your sword, but you will have to sharpen it with problem-solving. 
  4. Plan your work, then work your plan – Create a plan to follow, and then follow your plan. This will help you not to burn out because of non-exhaustive to-do lists. 
  5. Shield against negativity – Do not share your mental space with destructive criticism. Those who have doubts might have their reasons, but you stay true to yourself and meditate on your vision.
  6. Adapt to change, or think of ways to do so – The pandemic has been the biggest example portraying how flexibility will go a long way. 
  7. Use history as a guide – As they say, learn from others’ mistakes and successes. 

In entrepreneurship, it is never glass half full or empty. Rather it is half of the glass filled with rewards and the other half with challenges.
Think about your vision every day. Read and listen about it. Talk and share about it.
Just like Metamorphosis, the world wants to help you, allow it!

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