Title and logo launch of GSS 2019

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Global Schoolpreneur Summit 2019 is right around the corner and things are picking up speed at the Metamorphosis house. This year’s GSS marks the world’s biggest idea pitching event for the school students. All set to take place in the month of December, this year’s summit officially kick-started with “title and logo launch” in the presence of all the who’s who of the education world.

The event started on a joyful note as one of the winning teams of SPS 2018 took to the stage. Shritha and Shreya, two of the three creators of an amazing product called “Bio Pad” (biodegradable and affordable sanitary napkins), shared their experiences about their association with Metamorphosis and the impressive progress that “Bio Pad” has made since SPS 2018. People of Metamorphosis couldn’t help but swell with pride watching these young girls winning the hearts of the audience with their confidence and a flawless business plan. The academicians, investors, entrepreneurs, and all the dignitaries who graced the event were thoroughly impressed by the “Bio Pad” success story.“You should on-board a woman entrepreneur who can not only be your guiding force but also take you and your product to greater heights,” suggested JA chowdary who is an entrepreneur, mentor, and investor. “I am ready to invest in your company right now,” said Tapas, former COO of Maa TV Networking Ltd, surprising everybody present in the room.

With a big round of applause, the event moved to the next segments where each and every segment turned out to be the best than the rest. While JA Chowdary’s and Metamorphosis CEO, Pavan Allena’s encouraging speech served as a perfect boost needed for the GSS 2019, Balaj Goud, founder of Jersey Milk, deserves a special mention. The journey of this man, the hurdles he defeated, the success stories, the future plans…. This knowledge, gave a perfect dose of inspiration to the attendees.

The event was also graced one more embodiment of inspiration — Col. Leela Prasad who is an ex-army man, angel investor and a mentor. Despite his fight with cancer, he still stubbornly sticks to sharing his wisdom. This man is way ahead of his time and it is not any less than a privilege to be present in the same room as his.

Then the hour of the day arrives and the “title and logo launch” was launched by these three gentlemen — JA Chowdary, Balraj Goud, and Col. Leela Prasad.

Finally, the event culminated with all the attendees breaking out for lunch and delightful networking session. And here begins the success of Global Schoolpreneur Summit 2019.

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