Transforming A Heritage Business: The Journey Of Paradise Biryani

Paradise Biryani has been known to be the world’s favourite biryani since time immemorial.

The journey of Paradise started in the year 1953 by Mr G. Hussain as a small canteen and cafe annexed to Paradise Movie Theatre. Ironically, it only served Irani chai, coffee and snacks during that time. The cafe started serving Biryani and Hyderabadi Biryani was added to the menu in the 1960s. The restaurant kept expanding level by level, just like the way a Biryani is cooked in many layers.

The first restaurant was set up outside Hyderabad in the year 2015 with the first outlet in Bengaluru. There are around 42 branches currently spread across 8 cities. It aspires to be in the top 20+ cities in the next 5 years with 500+ cities. A few innovations like Kebab Festival, Haleem during Eid and Chef’s Special Menu have been introduced to keep up with the pace.

Mr Gautam Gupta, CEO, Paradise Food Court Pvt Ltd believes that effective change management has helped the brand to sustain even during the covid times.

The key ingredients of the brand are based on four principles, namely passion for product, customer centricity, the reliable business model and the culture the company has stood by. The passion for food has made Paradise keep the traditional flavour of ‘Paradise Biryani’ intact even after so many years with the right proportion of spices.

Paradise believes in the philosophy of Atithi Devo Bhava, and always extend their enthusiastic and great service to all its customers. Their mission is to serve the best Hyderabadi cuisine, including the World’s Favorite Biryani’ in a comfortable and family-friendly environment.

The constant evolution of their store format has helped them deliver quality biryani to the customers in covid times too. Now Paradise also has its own cloud kitchen and omni channels. In recent times, Paradise has also come up with their own app, which has an integrated loyalty program, one-stop reference for customer profiles and customized promo options.

The Biryani house delves into the culture of ‘Be Good’, which essentially means the passion to serve all with equal respect with generosity. These values capture the essence of Paradise.

With this, the journey of the ‘World’s Favorite Biryani’ continues for the ages to come.

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