Transforming India’s Jewellery Value Chain: The Tanishq Way

Tanishq has constantly maintained its product value since time immemorial. It has always managed to make a mark with the women of the country because of its superior craftsmanship and exclusive designs. Tanishq’s association with Titan and TATA Group makes it altogether a trustable brand for generations.

Gold has been linked to festivals and traditions since years. The brand has always believed in ethical practices, right from the introduction of karatmeter to measure the purity of gold, to providing the right kind of atmosphere and fair policy systems to karigars for crafting the jewellery.

Tanishq only charges the cost of the actual gold weight. The weight of the stone is subtracted from the total piece. It also offers a good exchange price for exchange of old gold. The range of jewellery offered by the brand is perfect for all types of occasions, from casuals to date nights to weddings.

The gold collection consists of kundan, polki, Nakashi and Aarka collections.The brand also rolled out a trend for lightweight jewellery in times of high gold prices.

The jewellery store modifies precious stones into magnificent pieces of jewels, which are a stunning delight for the eyes. The collection of diamonds are breathtakingly good. There are so many choices that one is usually confused as to what to buy from the wide range of collections.

The brand expands across 100 cities, with over 160 stores. The Tanishq experience has been so rewarding for the customers that the brand looks forward to the opening of more stories across the country, with addition of more exclusivity in the jewellery.

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