What Marketing Is Not! By Ms. Dola Halder

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Ms. Dola Halder comes from a family of chartered accountants and it was a given that she would walk the same path as well. But things took a different turn and she is now Brand Head of Doritos, Pepsico.

As part of the Metamorphosis webisode, Ms. Dola Halder shares her marketing wisdom with the audience and bursting myths about marketing as a whole. But first… the basics.

What is marketing?

Being an analytical person herself, Ms. Halder defines Marketing in the form of an equation. “In terms of the economy there are two sides – one is demand and one is the price; it is only when these two things meet, revenue happens. Marketing lies on the right-hand side of this equation. Any work you do to generate demand for a product is marketing,” explains Ms. Halder.

Now, let’s move on to the myths. Marketing is perceived in many different ways. A few perceptions are far away from the truth. Mr. Halder debunked a few of the myths through this webisode.

Marketing is not all about advertising

Many people think that being a marketeer is all about being part of fancy advertising shoots and all the vanity that comes along with it. “Advertising is a part of marketing, it is not all the marketing. There are many things that go into marketing; it includes people, strategies, social media, and a zillion other things,” says Ms. Halder.

Sales and marketing are poles apart

“Sales and marketing are two different branches in business. As I pointed out previously, marketing is something that is done to generate demand. Sales comes into the picture when we have to cater to that demand. It’s as simple as that,” clarifies Ms. Halder.

Concept trumps presentation

“Take as much as time you want to identify the gaps and conceptualize the product. Go skin deep into customer psychology to identify the gaps and introduce a product that cannot be copied by others. Your product needs to be unique. The packaging and the presentation of the product come in the final stages,” stresses Ms. Halder.

Marketing is an ocean, there are many different points that you need to take into account. As Ms. Halder suggests, the best way to master marketing techniques is to get your hands dirty and try marketing your product as entrepreneurs.

On that note, we come to the end of this article. Happy marketing to you!

Note: This blog only covers the highlights of the ‘What marketing is not!’ webisode.

To watch the full session, click on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwkaMvBdqL8

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