Why should schools set up incubators?

Young minds are budding minds. Their innovative thinking and out of the box vision is quite exhilarating. Our future depends on them, and their creations. If brought up well and in the right environment, we will see an interesting ecosystem of floating ideas in no time.

Schools play a very important role in creating an impact on these toddlers. The institutions help shape the thought process of the young individuals. Therefore, it is the duty of the institutions to provide the children with an ecosystem to nurture their ideas. Children see the world with an unbiased and creative lens. If provided with the right opportunity and direction, these young minds can do wonders in society.

In this entrepreneurial world, young minds will be able to develop and come up with something innovative when they are being given the right environment to discuss and nurture their ideas. 

Schools should provide a separate slot in the timetable to conduct entrepreneurial classes to widen the thought process of children. Kids can then come up with bright, vivid, and pivoted ideas which are towards solving some modern problems.Having an inhouse space to brainstorm, develop and pitch these ideas will be mutually beneficial for the students as well as the school.The credibility of the school also increases when they are offering subjects which are not commonly provided by other institutions.

The young generations are the most important asset of the society. The right opportunity, encouragement and nourishment can help them do wonders!

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