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Next Generation of Changemakers with Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship

Bring out the leader in your child and prepare them for a career of tomorrow.

1 Year


2 Hrs/Week

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Starting at Rs. 2,500

Feb 1, 2021

Program Start Date

Program Overview

Entrepreneurship isn’t only about starting companies; it’s rather a skillset and a way of thinking. At Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship, we are highly passionate about empowering kids so that they can innovate, create, and explore their true potential. We provide the world’s biggest digital learning platform for students at the school level who aspire to become changemakers and entrepreneurs.

With industry experts and real-time entrepreneurs onboard as mentors and tutors, students gain practical insights in addition to theoretical knowledge in our innovative and fun curriculum, training, and programs. We are driven to spark the fullest potential in every kid!

Eligibility: Grade VI – Grade XII

Key Highlights

What students gain through this program.

Are You Ready To Unlock Your Potential?

Top-notch content designed by Founders, Entrepreneurs, Subject Matter Experts and Industry Leaders in the form of Interactive Videos, Case Studies and Problem Statements.

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Learning Path

Imaginative learning starts with you. Here’s what the course entails for our young learners. Go ahead and explore!

The first session of the entrepreneurship course will initiate students on the basic concepts of entrepreneurship such as ‘What is Entrepreneurship and Myths Surrounding The concept?’, ‘Types of Entrepreneurship’, ‘What is the Need for Entrepreneurship?’ and more.

4 Video Lessons + 1 Live Session

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The students then move on to coming up with a competent business idea and will be taught all the techniques that will help them with their entrepreneurial inception. This section will cover topics like ‘Competitor Analysis’, ‘Value Proposition’, ‘SWOT Analysis’, ‘Value Proposition Canvas’, and more.

4 Video Lessons + 1 Quiz

Idea Validation is a crucial step in an entrepreneurial journey. The Metamorphosis students will be taken through the process of idea validation where they gather all the information relevant to their business idea that will help them make informed and de-risked decisions. 

4 Video Lessons

This part of the course will dive deep into the topic ‘Customer Demographics’. The students will be taught and guided to research on the statistical data for their own business idea. This data will include basic details such as gender, age, education, marital status, etc.,

4 Video Lessons + 1 Quiz

In this part of the course,  the students will learn everything about Value Proposition and its importance. A Value Proposition refers to the value a company promises to deliver to customers and students will be coming up with their Value Proposition for their own business ideas.

4 Video Lessons + 1 Quiz

This module starts with the ‘Introduction to Market Research’ and then students will be taken through the concepts like ‘Primary Market Research’, ‘Secondary Market Research’, ‘Market Research Tools’ and ‘Analysis of the Research Results’. 

4 Video Lessons

It is important to gauge the competition to achieve success. Hence, in this part of the course, the students will understand ‘what is Competitor Analysis’, ‘Identifying Competitors’, ‘Conducting Competitor Analysis’, ‘Competitive Analysis Frameworks’, ‘Finding Gaps and Opportunities’, and more.

4 Video Lessons + 1 Quiz

Are your target customers willing to pay for your product? Students will find out in this part of the course by learning ‘What is Willingness to Pay?’, ‘Factors that Affect Willingness to Pay’, ‘Measuring Willingness to Pay’, ‘Influencing Willingness to Pay’ and more. 

4 Video Lessons

In this part of the course, the students will understand everything about the Market. The topics include ‘Defining a Market’, ‘Marketing Sizing Tools’, ‘Estimating Market Size’, ‘different Methods of Estimating Market Size’, etc.,

4 Video Lessons + 1 Quiz

Building Business Modelling is one of the most important junctures in the entrepreneurial journey. The students will learn about ‘What is a Business Model’, ‘Types of Business Models’, ‘Difference between Business Model and B-plan’, ‘Making a Business Model’ and ‘Engaging Customers and Stakeholders’.

4 Video Lessons

The students will learn to deal with the financial and legal aspects of the business. The students will be curated a Financial Model for their business idea with the help of the Metamorphosis team.

4 Video Lessons + 1 Quiz

What People Have to Say

Parents of our learners have a few nuggets to share about their children’s experience with us

Students Success Stories

We know we are on the right track when our students imagine, innovate, and create. Here’s a glimpse into what our students have achieved through our program.

Case Study Based Learning

Entrepreneurship education is a game-changer and we are strong advocates of learning by doing. Case studies are literally teaching kids through the lived experience of others so that they learn from their challenges. Here are a few snippets of how we conduct experiential learning

Our Valued Partners

Working together to disseminate entrepreneurial mindset around the world. We are working in tandem with renowned brands who share our mission of cultivating the ingenious minds of tomorrow.

Admission Process

Please find below the detailed steps to be followed as a part of the admission process.



Fill the application form to begin the application process.


25 January 2021


Interview Round

Take and interview and find your eligibility of your scholarship.

Interview Round

26 January 2021


Scholarship Test

The candidate will be evaluated based on their test results.

Scholarship Test

28 January 2021


Finish Payment

Pay the fee.
No-Cost EMI options available.

Finish Payment

1 February 2021

Program Fee

Starting at Rs 2,500/month

Program Price 30,000 (plus taxes). No cost EMI available.


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School of Entrepreneurship

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Frequently Asked Questions

School of Entrepreneurship Program is specially designed and curated for school students from Grade 6 and above who wish to stand apart from the competition and build skills to pursue a world-class management education in the form of an Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship Program. 

Metamorphosis suggests spending about 2 hours per week to cruise through the course smoothly. But there is no compulsion to spend a dedicated amount of time every week or month. The students can take it over from where they left at any time during the semester. 

Metamorphosis Edu has collaborated with several companies like PepsiCo, Urban Company, Saaki etc., to give an experiential learning to students by taking the stories of successful startup companies directly from the real-time entrepreneurs and industry experts.

The admissions process is completely online. Following are the key steps in the application process:
  • Step 1 – You must apply for the School of Entrepreneurship Program on The application form will capture information related to your personal and educational qualification.
  • Step 2 – Post Application, the student needs to go through a small informal Interview by Admissions Team. Based on the interest and skill level, the student will be shortlisted for the program.
  • Step 3 – Shortlisted candidates will be eligible to write the Scholarship Test.
  • Step 4 – Shortlisted candidates need to complete the payment of the full program fee by the mentioned deadline, and successfully submit the required documents.

Depending on the scores secured during the scholarship test, the child will be eligible for a specific scholarship bracket.

For more details:

No cost EMI is available on credit cards from all major banks (American Express, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, RBL Bank, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank,Yes Bank) 

As of now, we only offer debit card EMI options only to the users who have HDFC bank account.

Our team is working to get more flexible options in debit card EMI payments.

Metamorphosis team strives hard to make the students excel in honing their skills and taking their ideas forward.

We are apologetic not to be able to refund in the case of drop out.


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