All You Should Know About – Social Entrepreneurship by Anil Kumar Reddy


Founded in 2016 Donatekart has grown to one of India’s first 100% transparent online donation platforms where people can donate things other than money. What makes Donatekart different from other donation platforms is that it lets the donors make donations by observing the real-time needs of people in need. The platform receives donations from India and abroad.

It has collaborated with more than 1000 NGOs and is working to fulfil their needs. It raises average funds of about Rs. 6 crores monthly and is working on increasing it Rs. 100 Crore in next 3 years.

About the founder: Anil Kumar Reddy, Co-Founder Donatekart

Anil Kumar Reddy is an engineer from NIT Nagpur turned entrepreneur and the co-founder of Donatekart and Sandeep Sharma. Anil started his entrepreneurial journey with Newspot, which could not be successful, but it added to his experience and learning to create Donatekart. He believes with genuine passion and patience, one can learn the
right skills to take off any venture. For him generating trust in donors is the key factor that helps in the retention of donors. He is currently working on increasing the reach of his company to be able to raise as much as funds for charity for the ones in need.

Who is this course for: Age 12 and above

Learning objectives:

  • The concept of Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Learn how to identify a problem and the sectors it affects.
  • Understand the concept of ideation by analysing a problem.
  • Discover how to come with a Business Model that aligns with existing needs.
  • Learn to generate profits while serving others.
  • Creating impact and results through out of box Go to market strategy.

What you will learn?

  • Problem is here (How to identify a problem and critically analyse it?)
  • Building blocks (What goes in developing a Business Model?)
  • How to stand out? (How to build a Value Proposition for your venture?)
  • Generate while Generating ( How to reach Breakeven and project Finance for a Social Entrepreneurship venture?)
  • Making an impact (How to upscale you venture with pitch perfect marketing?)

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