Chartering Your Territory Through Market Research by Vasudev Singh


Founded in 2018 The Himalayan Cafe is a Hyderabad based food joint that garnered the attention of Hyderabadis with its authentic Momos and Thukpas. The cafe started from home, but the popularity of the food got them to move out in the open.

THC is a real example that if one provides good service and has a good marketing strategy, it is easy to pace a business. The cafe has collaborated with Zomato and Swiggy to provide delivery service along with having their outlets.

About the founder: Vasudev Singh, Founder – The Himalayan Cafe

Vasudev Singh is popularly known as the man who quit Google to sell Momos. Incredible right!

Vasudev left his high profile job at Google after working for 8 years to pursue his dream project of serving people the authentic north-eastern snack. The idea of opening HTC in Hyderabad was to provide good exposure to the tastebuds of the people of Hyderabad with good Momos, which was a rarity then. Vasudev journey from being in the corporate world to serving people is a testimonial for all who want to take a leap of faith towards their entrepreneurial dream.

Who is this course for: Age 12 and above

Learning objectives:

  • Learn basics to identify the right place for your business.
  • Understand how the right Human Resource can do wonders in setting a business.
  • Importance of strong social media presence.
  • Importance of Market Research when beginning.

What you will learn?

  • Find you Spot! (Importance of Place in 4P’s of marketing)
  • Finding the right person (How Human Resource plays a crucial role in building a brand)
  • Do your homework (How to plan finances)
  • Power of Visibility (Why Social media marketing is crucial?)
  • Move up the ladder (Basic to upscale your business)

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Course Includes

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