Build the essential skills and gain confidence to start your own business, learn to lead inside a large organisation through the various stages of entrepreneurial innovation. Get guidance to solve real world problems and convert them into opportunities to start business ventures.

Eligibility: Grade VI – Grade XII


Metamorphosis offers you a perfect platform to take your ideas to the next level. Metamorphosis Incubator Program takes its students through an entrepreneurial journey through – the expertly curated curriculum and case-study based teaching. The program comprises *number* sessions and by the end of these sessions, the students will only master the concepts of entrepreneurship but will also be at the stage to launch their ideas.

What you will gain through this program:

  • Introduction and implementation of entrepreneurial concepts
  • Certification from Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship in association with IIT Bhubaneswar
  • Master 21st Skillsets
  • Idea pitching opportunities
  • Internship opportunities

Introduction to the Entrepreneurial World

As part of the introductory session, the students will be initiated on the basic entrepreneurial topics and terminologies such as ‘Who is an Entrepreneur?’, ‘Types of Entrepreneurship’,’Types of Innovation’, ‘Introduction to Case Studies’, ‘Entrepreneurial Sectors’.

Ideation Techniques

The students then move on to coming up with a competent business idea and will be taught all the techniques that will help them with their entrepreneurial inception. This section will cover topics like ‘Competitor Analysis’, ‘Value Proposition’, ‘SWOT Analysis’, ‘Value Proposition Canvas’, and more. 

Idea Validation + Value Proposition

Idea Validation is a crucial step in an entrepreneurial journey. The Metamorphosis students will be taken through the process of idea validation where they gather all the information relevant to their business idea that will help them make informed and de-risked decisions. 

In this part of the course,  the students will learn everything about Value Proposition and its importance. A Value Proposition refers to the value a company promises to deliver to customers and students will be coming up with their Value Proposition for their own business ideas.

Market Research

In this part of the course, the students will learn ‘Introduction to Market Research’ and then the students will be taken through the concepts like ‘Primary Market Research’, ‘Secondary Market Research’, ‘Market Research Tools’ and ‘Analysis of the Research Results’. 

Competitor Analysis

It is important to gauge the competition to achieve success. Hence, in this part of the course, the students will understand ‘what is Competitor Analysis’, ‘Identifying Competitors’, ‘Conducting Competitor Analysis’, ‘Competitive Analysis Frameworks’, ‘Finding Gaps and Opportunities’, and more.

Customer Demographics

This part of the course will dive deep into the topic ‘Customer Demographics’. The students will be taught and guided to research on the statistical data for their own business idea. This data will include basic details such as gender, age, education, marital status, etc.,

Pricing Strategy & Willingness to Pay

Are your target customers willing to pay for your product? Students will find out in this part of the course by learning ‘What is Willingness to Pay?’, ‘Factors that Affect Willingness to Pay’, ‘Measuring Willingness to Pay’, ‘Influencing Willingness to Pay’ and more.

The students will also learn about the ‘Pricing Strategy’ concepts.

Business Model + Business Modelling Canvas

Building Business Modelling is one of the most important junctures in the entrepreneurial journey. The students will learn about ‘What is a Business Model’, ‘Types of Business Models’, ‘Difference between Business Model and B-plan’, ‘Making a Business Model’ and ‘Engaging Customers and Stakeholders’.

Market Sizing + Break-Even Analysis

In this part of the course, the students will understand everything about the Market. The topics include ‘Defining a Market’, ‘Marketing Sizing Tools’, ‘Estimating Market Size’, ‘different Methods of Estimating Market Size’, etc.,

The students will also be introduced to the concept of Break-Even Analysis and will be implementing the concept to their own business idea.

Legal & Financial Terminologies

The students will learn to deal with the financial and legal aspects of the business. The students will be curated a Financial Model for their business idea with the help of the Metamorphosis team.

The Metamorphosis students will learn to master all the legal terms associated with the business by the end of this part of this session.


The students will be initiated on the fundraising topics in this part of the course and will be guided for the future fundraising rounds. 

How to Pitch your Idea

At the end of the course, the student will be mentored and guided to build their pitch decks for their own business ideas.

You’ll also get:

  • Access to all the Webisodes
  • Access to all the Dialogue with Educationists episodes
  • Interaction with real-time entrepreneurs
  • Initiation on Idea pitching
  • Free entry for the global idea pitching competitions
  • Idea incubation opportunities

Who is this course for?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs at the school level
  • Students who wish to start their own business
  • Children who would want to take over and enhance the family business

Anyone who wishes to succeed in the upcoming era of automation

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Course Includes

  • 13 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz