Making A Brand Stand Out by Ritesh Mastipuram


Established in 2008, O2 Spa is Asia’s largest day spa chain based on customer volumes with early walk-ins of over four lakh customers. The spas are all a 100% company owned, company operated (COCO) outlets and successfully runs its business by adopting different formats of operations, with presence in high end hotels, at airports, malls, standalone stores and luxury trains.

Has an operating revenue of 100+ crores Operates in 21 cities in India with more than 100+ centres. The company currently also has nine hotel spas across four destinations in the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah.

O2 Spa brand is the benchmark in wellness and salon services in India. With wellness industry booming in India O2 Spas has already set global standards in its services.

About the founder: Ritesh Mastipuram, Founder & CEO at O2 Spas (Asia’s Largest Spa Company)

Ritesh Mastipuram completed his bachelor’s degree in Engineering before heading to United States to complete his masters. It takes a lot of courage and guts to leave a high paying job abroad and start something new, fresh and exclusive back in your own country. Ritesh Reddy not only took the risk of doing it all but made sure the risk is worth it. With the passion of providing the best to his customers his O2 spas are the largest not only in India but entire Asia.

Who is this course for: Age 12 and above

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the establishment of Asia’s largest Spa & Wellness Company.
  • Learn how to capture the right market for your product.
  • In-depth understanding of Customer Profiling and how it helps in setting up operations.
  • Need and advantages of leveraging collaborations in early stages and in expansion.
  • Understand how standardisation of operations and product quality creates a niche market.

What you will learn?

  • What it takes to outshine your competitors? (How to create a brand’s USP?)
  • Customize your Customers (How to do customer profiling?)
  • Presenting your best version (How to structure your service to provide the best to customer)
  • Becoming Viral (How to mark your presence and build strong-foot in market)
  • Looking Beyond! (Strategies to expand your business)

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