Global Schoolpreneur Summit

Round 3: Semi-Finale

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1. We're glad to know that you wish to take the leap for your idea by participating in Global Schoolpreneur Summit Registrations! Please read the following instructions carefully which will help in completing this step.

2. Watch this sample video to understand on how to submit your idea

3. This step of submitting your idea in a video format is mandatory for your participation in the competition. Without completing this step, your application will not be considered.

4. Your Idea pitching video cannot exceed more than 3 minutes.

5. You can recorded video of you/your team explaining the idea. (If you are participating as a team, we suggest you to connect over zoom call with your team and record the idea pitching video)

6. Only one member per team needs to submit the form. (Multiple submissions from the same team may lead to disqualification)

7. The form is divided into various sections. Please remember you will only be able to proceed if you have answered all mandatory questions in that section.

8. To help you in understanding certain questions better, please refer to these suggestions before answering the question.

9. Please ensure to keep the mobile number you use for registration, functional and handy. This shall be critical to ensure our team can reach out to you during the process should you be shortlisted for subsequent rounds.

10. We suggest you first think about how you would want to answer the questions and plan your answers before actually starting. You can't save your application progress if application window is closed without submitting.

11. Please click "next" only when you have finalised the information in the form. No changes can be made to the form post submission.

12. In case you still have queries while filling the application, you can write to us on or call +918885045645